And Just Like That: The Return Of The Hat That Caused Behind The Scene Divisions

The accessory was previously banned but fans will be thrilled to see Sarah Jessica Parker seems to have got her way...

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Don't put away your Manolos just yet girls! Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are back to filming The Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That in New York.

This week Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted filming the show sporting an oversized lace brimmed straw hat. She also wore a stunning white Vivienne Westwood jumpsuit and platform heels. This comes a year after this specific hat caused tensions between her and showrunner, Michael Patrick King.

However it appears Sarah Jessica Parker won the battle with this fashion accessory as she was seen embracing co-star Kristin Davis wearing the piece. On Instagram, the And Just Like That costume designers posted an image of her wearing the hat with the caption: ‘Redemption! The Paris events did not stay in Paris.'

For context: Carrie was supposed to wear the hat during the season finale with the famous Oscar de la Renta Magnolia dress. You know, the one she wears to Jackie’s and Smoke’s wedding. However, King shut down the idea of using it in multiple scenes.  He told the actress the hat could only be used for one scene as it shielded the actress's face on camera. The finale scene was filmed without the hat which caused reported tension between Sarah and Michael.

King later explained that he worried that HBO executives would ask him why they could not see her facial expressions in the show finale. He said: 'The idea that I had to take that hat off her was really uncomfortable. It was bad.  This is a bad situation,’ because now Sarah Jessica loves the hat. As she should. It was a phenomenal look — for one scene, but not for many. Adding, 'So now I have to become the studio head. I have to become the monster, the guy who slams the door on the soufflé- pff!'

The hat saga comes after fans slammed the fashion on the show - with many pining for the return of Carrie Bradshaw's iconic style. One fan commented on Instagram, 'Carrie did not dress like this in the series, in SATC. Whoever is dressing her for this new show, has a bigger budget and whole different look in mind. I don't like it.' The backlash started after fashion icon Patricia Field, who styled Sex And The City for its six seasons, declined to return due to her work on Emily In Paris.

Fans are already anticipating the return of the show however, we don't have an official release date yet. With that in mind, it's likely to have a similar release window from last season. So season 2 could air as early as January 2023. We'll let you know as soon as we know more!

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