You Can Now Spend Your Holiday In A Giant Potato

Because the 'digital detox' getaway is so 2018...

Potato Hotel

by Sofia Tindall |

With the holidays approaching many of us are idly dreaming on crowded commutes about white sandy beaches and sun-drenched days by the pool. But prepare yourself: because we've found an entirely new type of holiday getaway to get FOMO over and it is - drum roll - chilling out for a week in a potato!

Yes - you read that correctly. Once again, AirBnB (the home of Netflix-themed getaways and habitable glass bubbles) has delivered us something that we didn't know we needed until we saw it, and only now realise that we've truly been missing all our lives, and that's living inside an oversized potato for a week.

When you think about it, why wouldn't you want to spend your precious OOO cocooned in the inside of a potato? Away from Brexit, from Bank Holiday parking and from life's stresses in general. I'm calling it now: the potato-tox getaway is the new digital-detox getaway.

For just $200 a night the Big Idaho Potato Hotel, which is based in 400 acres of land in Idaho could be all yours - but you'll have to wait until June - since being listed on AirBnB it's already been booked out for the whole of April and May. Whats more, it has a nomadic background, the website states 'This is the original potato that traveled countless miles across the country for the Idaho Potato Commission on the back of a semi truck!' (If you're trying to work out exactly what the purpose of a giant, hollow, travelling potato - you're not alone).

Potato hotel interior

Did we mention that the interior is also the stuff of dreams? I never new that a potato could be so trendy, but think millennial pink accents, rustic-vibes, parquet flooring and cute little flatlay opportunities straight off of Pinterest.

We don't know about you - but we'd never want to leave...

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