5 Ways Your Airbnb Will Change Now

From deep cleaning to checking in, here's everything you need to know before renting an Airbnb this summer.

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by Lillian Sesiguzel |

The intense summer weather this week has got us thinking about holidays, yet again. And as we wait for ministers to finalise plans for a series of 'travel corridors', which will mean UK arrivals will not need to self-isolate, we continue to scroll through Airbnb, longing for some time away from home. But, as the site relies on hosts opening up their homes to the public, how can we ensure they are safe to rent, and what are the changes being made, that will become the new norm?

1. Deep Cleaning

Airbnb is launching enhanced cleaning protocols in 12 countries, including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US.

This five-step cleaning regime, made for hosts to follow rigorously, includes the following:

1. Prepare for safer cleaning

2. Clean dust and debris

3. Sanitize with disinfectant

4. Check your room-by-room checklists

5. Reset the room

If hosts are unable to follow the regime, they'll be required to block off their property for 72 hours between stays.

2. Checking In

Self check-in is a great way to start your holiday stress-free. More Airbnbs are using this feature by installing a safety box outside their property, or by using a passcode lock. This will ensure that the host and guest have no to minimal contact, when arriving and leaving.

3. No Air Conditioning

If you do plan to rent abroad, or the UK is experiencing a heatwave, I'm afraid there's little you can do about the heat. If your chosen property comes with air-con it's a good idea not to use it, as the host will most definitely advise.

4. Minimal Use Of Amenities

You might find that some amenities that come with the property are out of use, like bicycles for example. Some hosts usually allow their guests to use such amenities, but because of the strict cleaning protocol these might be limited.

5. House Rules

No doubt you'll be familiar with the regular house rules most Airbnb hosts use: no excessive noise, parking restrictions, no smoking etc. But, some hosts have put new rules in place that include, no guests or visitors during your stay, and a list of cleaning guidelines they'd like you to follow during your stay.

With availability from July, here are some of the UK's dreamiest Airbnbs to get you started...


DISCOVER: The Dreamiest Airbnbs

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Quite literally a big house in the country. It's a converted granary with enough space to sleep you and 15 of your nearest and dearest. There is also a tennis court if you and your mates are that way inclined. £600 per night

Dreamy airbnbs
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With over 300 5 star reviews, you can book Briar Lodge in complete confidence. Located in Dorking, this tranquil yet luxe log cabin is ideal for a romantic getaway, with activities such as cycling, fishing and hiking available to do at National Trust sites nearby. There's also a BBQ available on-site, making for the perfect British summer getaway. £110 per night.

Dreamy Airbnbs
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If your idea of heaven is seeing donkeys roaming from your window, you're in luck. This one-bedroom Barn conversion in the Cornish countryside offers a complete break from it all, without compromising on luxury. You can have it all; roam around the farm, then come home and relax in the tub. Bliss! £184 per night.

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Down the river among the trees in the Cairngorms National Park you'll find a cottage with a hot tub and open fires. The stuff of rustic, autumn getaway dreams. Sleeps 10, but you'll probably be just as tempted to go it alone. £355 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Here's a little evidence of how nice houseboats can be. We're talking hard wood flooring throughout and a private garden with decking for when you want to come up for air. Only enough room for you and a luck someone I'm afraid. But intimate is good too...£129 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Because why would you not want to live in a castle for a few days? IRL Disney Princesses rejoice, because you can (voluntarily) be locked (with the key) in this cute castle tower up in Aberdeenshire. £145 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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If you're all about the view this gem down in East Sussex might be a shout. 'Alpha' fits seven guests, is on a nameless, private road in the middle of a nature reserve and I'd pay the place a visit purely for the underfloor heating. £350 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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If you and your mates have been looking for an excuse to visit West Buckland, here it is. Quite simply it's a barn conversion, but a beautiful barn conversion suitable for all fun-times. The most exciting bit is that you can ask for two of the beautiful dogs to be part of the booking too!£1,100 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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If you're more into city breaks than country escapes, a trip up North could be just the ticket - and this luxury apartment in Leeds City Centre has everything you need. Did someone say free-standing tub?£118 per night.

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Creepiness aside, it's be pretty damn cool to be able to say you've slept in an Abbey. Great conversation material, right here in Suffolk. Sleeps 15 with five baths to share between you all. £850 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Question: is there any point visiting London without sleeping inside the church tower in Hackney? Answer: yes, obvs. But you and your pals could be some of the few who can say that this is what they did, though. It get's booked up really far in advance though so move quickly if you fancy it. £252 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Another castle for the wannabe princesses out there. It's entirely self catered, so no chance of the cutlery and crockery from Beauty and the Beast popping in to serve tea. But on the plus side you're only an hour away from Edinburgh if you get bored of the medieval vibes. £650 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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You read that right: AirShip 002 is yours for the sleepin'. It's an insulated aluminum pod with all the standard amenities with the addition of a huge fishbowl type view of the Scottish coastline. £150 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Who knew windmills could be romantic? Because apparently they can be. You'd have beautiful and dramatic views of the Kent countryside inside a three-floor fully restored windmill where you'll also be left a basket of fresh eggs from the owner's chickens when you arrive. What a treat. £180 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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This is a cuter version of the sort of place that I imagine relatives of the Made In Chelsea cast to own. It's where they go and frolic in the summer and play rounders and touch rugby and drink mimosas in between country walks. You could live that life for a weekend... £292 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Another Abbey, but this time with an indoor heated pool for you to enjoy/pose by. You'd be staying in a self catering that's part of the wider holiday home known as The Highland Club and for where you'd be staying the price is pretty reasonable. £130 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Quaint cabin in the woods anywhere? It's very cosy and was quite literally hand built with wood from the surrounding forrest. There's also an outdoor fire pit for marshmallows and stuff. £105 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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Fancy the Scandi but can't make it out to the Nordics? Don't worry you can get a similar type of vibe in Cornwall, don't you know? Well, kind of. Six people can go stay at this beautiful hot tub boasting lodge on the side of a big hill. £200 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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You'll really be immersing yourself in another world with this one. Beyond your private room and out in the Rockaway grounds you'll find a vegetable garden and a scrapyard/quarry thing a little outside the site boarders. You'd be staying in a family home but look how incredible that inside-outside conservatory.£40 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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The view from the bed, you guys. THE VIEW FROM THE BED! Can you imagine waking up to anything more beautiful (and in England, for that matter)? Down in Camber you need to find a way to stay at this house that's quite literally on the beach. Enough space for eight which'll lessen the financial blow and did we mention the view from the bed? £530 per night

Dreamy Airbnbs
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You could go for any old room in any old establishment, or you could stay in a room in this fairytale cottage that is oozing with romance and family history. Just saying.£170 per night for 6 nights.

Dreamy Airbnbs
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See here: the cabin of dreams. It's got those endearing countryside vibes but is half way between Kendal and Windermere. The shower isn't located in your cabin, but the greenery is probs worth it.£60 per night

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