Study Finds Eating Yellow Food Makes You Happier


by Elizabeth Bennett |

Have the events of 2016 got you down? Well, we might have a solution, albeit an unconventional one.

New research reveals that happiness may in fact lie in eating yellow foods. According to The Metro, research from The Happy Egg Company found that consuming yellow food releases significant levels of happy hormones, because we associate the bright colour with feeling joyful.

The study, which surveyed the response of 1000 participants, found that 70% of those taking part linked the colour yellow with cheerful feelings.

Omelette was found to the most happy-inducing food. 61% declared the classic egg dish to be the food that made them feel happiest.

Macaroni cheese was the next most popular, followed by bananas, pancakes and poached eggs.

Apparently the reason we love yellow so much is deep rooted in our childhood. According to psychologists, children associate yellow with happiness due to it being the bright colour of children’s toys and sunshine.

Cheese board, anyone?

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