Couldn’t Sleep Last Night? This Is The Reason Why

No, it wasn't just because it's the first day back at work...

The ‘Wolf Moon’, aka the first full moon of the new year

by Georgia Aspinall |
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You know those nights where you toss and turn for hours and then suddenly its 8am and you feel as though you haven’t had a wink of sleep? That was everyone ever in the world last night.

It’s not just the January blues kicking in too soon, or the stress of the first day back at work, no, it was the bloody moon. It might have been a unique display of astronomical beauty, but if it’s keeping me up at night I’m not on board.

The ‘Wolf Moon’, aka the first full moon of the new year, was also the first super moon of the year. It peaked at 2.24am so just at the time you might’ve already got used to an unusually bright night sky, the torch was turned up a notch. Morning crankiness aside, the stunning ‘Wolf Moon’ was all anyone could look at last night, as the moon was at its closest point in its orbit around Earth, making it impossible to miss.

Dubbed a ‘Wolf Moon’ because historically wolves howled loudly towards it, it is also referred to as an Ice Moon, Snow Moon or Old Moon by other cultures around the world.

While it may have been the worst possible timing for anyone trying to not look like death today (I mean really the two-day NYE hangover wasn’t bad enough?) it was a spectacular display of our solar system and took the internet by storm. Mostly with people posting shite Instagram's of the same thing, but still it brightened up our morning timelines. Another rare astronomical occurrence? It coincided with a lunar eclipse, cool for NASA who get to say stuff like ‘super moon trilogy’ but not so cool for Australia where coastal regions have been subject to higher tides and flooding thanks to the unique meteorological occurrence.

If you, unlike everyone up at 8am this morning, loved the Super Moon display, prepare yourself for February 7th, when the Snow Moon moon will peak at 4.54pm.

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