How To Save Money In Your Twenties

Our holy grail guide to saving money during the most skint time of your life.

How To Save Money In Your Twenties

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Saving money in your twenties right now is as likely as Donald Trump posting a friendship quote on Instagram. Like, it could happen, but we would be VERY surprised. We would definitely Whatsapp all our pals in a frenzy and freak out a little.


I hate to be a downer but being a twenty-something is so shit. We're all in a shit-tonne of debt, none of us can afford to get mortgages and everything is getting more expensive - cheers Brexit! Cue the chorus of 'Ohhh millenials are so entitled, stop complaining your such brats blah blah blah'. Puh-lease. I'm paying an extortionate amount to rent a tiny, mould-filled room without even the faintest hopes of getting on the housing market within the next ten years and will be working till I'm 102. Thats why we, at The Debrief, have worked our arses off to find a bunch of ways you can save money in your twenties and compiled them all here for you to peruse at your leasure.

Happy spending my fellow stingy bastards...

The Debrief's non-shit guide to saving money in your twenties:

How to save money on rent


Easily the most annoying expense. I wish i'd read this before i was taken for a ride by my estate agent last year. Click the title to find out what you should be looking out for when your scrolling through Rightmove.

How to save without trying

Who'd of thought you even could? Try out this easy tactic to save like the Americans do.

How to save on toiletries

Ohh the gendered expense. How best to fight the patriarchy than playing them at their own game and saving money on products they overprice for women? FIGHT THE POWER.

How to save £100 without noticing

This post contains more tricks than a magicians handbook, read it and become a dab hand at penny pinching.

How to have savings when you have no money

No, this isn't witchcraft. This is the ultimate guide to surviving as a twenty-something. I don't know how I made rent an still afforded a coffee from Pret before this.

How to save money when shopping on the high street

Shopping? This is a foreign concept to me. Pls explain. No really, with this you can actually go out and buy new clothes without feeling guilty. A God send!

How to make money on the side

Because having one job any more isn't enough to get you one of those illusive mortgages grown ups are always banging on about.

Can you teach yourself not to be crap with money?

My mum tried, failed. My dad tried, failed. My sisters even had a crack at it. Alas, she failed. My only saviour is this, and it can be yours too.

Best apps to stop you spending money

From a spending tracker to a daily budget, this is the app you need to sort your life out. Finally, an app- something I can trust to actually help me.

How to save money on energy bills

If you keep getting letters from your bill provider and throwing them away, because lets be honest they're full of shit we don't understand, you're not alone. Here's an actually useful guide to saving money on bills. You're welcome.

How to improve your credit rating

A HOLY GRAIL if you're thinking about getting a mortgage within the next few years. Do these now, the sooner the better.

Which bank will save you the most money

With everything you need to know before you sign your life away to one particular bank.

How your life improves when you save

Will you finally relax? Will you gain anything worth the instant gratification of that pay day spending? It might just improve your entire wellbeing, have a read and see.

What a twenty something's bank balance actually looks like

Because if I can tell you anything about being twenty-something and broke it's that you're definitely not alone. How you measure up to your peers?

How to split a bill when you're skint

Omg the most awkward moment of life ever. When you've had salad and tap water but there's always some dickhead whose ordered a three course meal and 784 drinks. Work out how to manage that 'ground just swallow me up' moment with this article.

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