A Woman’s Husband Insists She Stays Home And Babysits The Kids So He Can Attend HER Brother’s Wedding

'What’s more important to you, a wedding party or our kids?'


by Aaliyah Harry |

This Reddit scenario has the internet heavily invested. A woman’s husband is insisting she stays at home and babysits the kids even though she would be missing HER brother’s wedding. To give some background to the story the woman explained that she is a stay-at-home mum, and her husband works full time. The couple have three kids and their youngest is two-years-old. Her husband helps a lot with the kids and is a committed dad, but he is absolutely against babysitters. She explains that his past experiences are the reason why he is so against them. Unfortunately, his younger cousin James was injured and left disabled because of a babysitter years ago. She revealed that she doesn’t go out much as she must bring the kids most places, which limits her because not everywhere is child friendly.

The couple received a wedding invitation to her brother’s wedding and on the invitation it was highlighted as a child-free wedding. Her brother also happens to be best friends with her husband. She explained that her brother lives states away and the entire trip will take four days. She told her husband that she wanted to attend since it had been a while since she had attended a wedding. Also considering it’s her brother getting married – this one is special. She suggested that they get a trusted babysitter to look after the kids whilst they were at the wedding.

Her husband was shocked at this and questioned whether she was seriously considering leaving their two-year-old with a babysitter. He suggested, ‘Why don’t you do what you normally do and stay home with the kids while I go off to the wedding?’ She refused and said, ‘I have as much right to attend as him since we both were invited.’ He fired back with, it’s not my fault your brother wants a child free wedding.’ He concluded that and she should do this for the kids and sacrifice the wedding for their sake. She still refused and said this was unfair and since he's a parent too then he should also stay for the kids. He looked at her and said, ‘That’s my best friend's wedding you're asking me to skip for Christ’s sake, are you kidding me?’ But he didn’t stop there, he then said,’ You’re being petty for suggesting this and you’re choosing to go out and party over keeping our kids safe.’ He asked me to see this as just another business trip he goes on.

She asked the Reddit readers, ‘What should I do? Go with him and leave the kids? She explained to him that she understands his paranoia of babysitters but all her friends have sitters and at times they're really needed. He told her she should know better than what her friends tell her, and this wasn't even up for discussion. When she argued back he labelled her selfish and said he won't let her ruin his relationship with his friend (her brother) because she was being spiteful because she wasn’t able to attend. He concluded that her brother would understand their situation and why she had to miss it.

To make matters worse, he kept questioning her about what’s more important to her - a wedding party or their kids? He also added that she is unreasonable for making her attendance the hill to die on. She asked the Reddit readers whether she is the selfish one for wanting to attend her brother's wedding after 4 years not attending anything?

The top comment under the thread heavily supports the mother. It reads, ‘I have a hard time believing your husband is a good dad. Every single sentence from him smells like entitlement and selfishness. If you can't go to your brother’s wedding, neither can he.’ They continue, ‘Why doesn't he stay at home, and you attend? This wedding shows you what kind of person your husband is and what he thinks of you, he thinks less of you and your needs. '

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