A Mother Refused To Give Sister Her Breast Milk For Her Baby – Is She Right?

'She decided formula was too expensive and she would just take my breast milk that I pump.'

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by Grazia |

Reddit has been rocked by yet another dilemma. This time users on the forum are giving their opinions on whether a mother is the arsehole for refusing to give her breastmilk to her sister.

The post reads, ‘ I’m a mother of a 4-month-old baby girl. I breastfeed her exclusively and have had a fairly good supply. Recently she has been unable to latch on my left breast, and I have been pumping that side, so I have a decent stockpile of milk.’

She explains that her sister also recently had a baby and decided against breastfeeding because she did not want her boobs to sag.

She very much supports her sister’s decision not to breastfeed, but the problem arose when she came over and asked her to have her breastmilk. She wrote, ‘She decided formula was too expensive and she would just take my breast milk that I pump. I told her no, because I was saving that in case baby girl has issues latching again or if I’m not around and she needs to be fed.’

Her sister responded by blowing up and telling her she didn’t need that much milk, and she could always pump more later. Her sister suggested that ‘giving me what you have pumped so far wouldn’t matter.’ This comment caused another argument and their parents even got involved. The user concluded that this has now become a whole family issue and people who disagree with her stance have been calling her non-stop.

Most of the comments from Reddit users suggest this mother is not in the wrong for refusing her breast milk. One user said, ‘Perhaps it's not a big deal to others but I can't imagine giving my baby breast milk from someone other than me. ' They continue, ‘This is so bizarre. I breastfed three kids. Pumping and stocking up milk is HARD. It takes so much time and effort. Asking someone to give that away is like asking someone to give away paintings or hours and hours of their work. I'd be going NO contact with this woman.’

Another user believes cutting all contact with her sister is the way forward. They wrote, ‘Please block your sister and every single person who’s butting in. This should be a peaceful time for you and your baby without their nonsense.’

Another firmly stands up for the mother,’ You are UNBELIEVABLY NOT THE A-HOLE. Your sister clearly doesn’t understand how physically demanding and time-consuming it is to breastfeed and pump a supply. They continue, 'She has no right to the milk you’ve collected from your body for your own daughter. I don’t understand how she thinks it’s okay to assume she can just make you supply enough for two babies.’

So, do you think the mother is the arsehole or is her sister just being unreasonable?

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