A Seamstress Left A Bride Without Her Wedding Dress After Feeling Overworked – But Is She Right?

' I've realised that you have not been a nice person to work with, your demands are unreasonable, and you have been taking advantage of me.'

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Reddit has provided yet another scenario that has left the forum buzzing. This dilemma found users firmly on the side of the seamstress, but what do you think?

The user posed the question 'Am I the asshole for backing out of a promise I made and consequently leaving a bride without a wedding dress?'

She continued, ‘I am a 25-year-old seamstress. It's not my job, but I've done quite a few pieces throughout the years. So far, I've made three wedding gowns and a couple of graduation dresses, apart from everyday clothes,’ she continues, 'My friend Karina, who is 26, is getting married and she asked me to make her dress. As a wedding gift, I told her that I would pay for the materials, as long as they are not expensive or very unique, so she just had to pay me an hourly-rate for my work.'

She explained that Karina was originally not happy about setting a rate as she assumed the dress would be a gift - but later agreed. She wrote, ‘ I could already feel something was not right. Looking back at it, I was dumb for not listening to my gut. Karina has been an absolute nightmare to work with. I truly have never encountered someone more exasperating (and I've worked in retail). ‘

She detailed how Karina made countless changes to the dress - from the fabric, shape, details and the overall design multiple times. She was also extremely specific about using very expensive materials. The user then explains her breaking point in the design making process was when Karina decided that she 'needed' her dress covered in Swarovski crystals. Did we mention, she also wanted the seamstress to foot the bill?

The designer continued, ‘I texted her that there is no way I am paying for those crystals. I then sent her this message: "Karina, I truly appreciate your friendship, but I've realised that you have not been a nice person to work with, your demands are unreasonable, and you have been taking advantage of me. I have decided to end our deal here. I will send you the bill for my work so I can finish the gown as we agreed. When you pay me, you may come for your dress."'

Karina texted the seamstress back arguing that she doesn’t have to pay a single penny for her work, since she is the one not fulfilling her part of the deal. Her wedding is in a month, and Karina took to social media looking for second-hand dresses. The user revealed that everyone she confided in says that what she did was an asshole move, but she thinks Karina deserved it. She ended the post concluding, ‘I truly don't know. I was thinking of finishing the dress (a simpler version) and gifting it to Karina.'

The top comment under the post said, ‘Bridezilla never intended to pay you a dime. Lesson for you; you didn’t set a limit on material costs. “Not too expensive” is extremely subjective. Do not back down on no-money, no-dress. The user advised, ‘I would go ahead and finish it and put a fair price tag on it. If she wants it, she can pay for it.'

Anther user agreed that she was not an asshole stating, ‘She wanted a Swarovski crystal encrusted dress?? Sweet baby Jesus. I used to use them a bit in beading. Only a bit because they are stupidly expensive. I don't even want to think about how much it would cost to buy enough of them to cover an entire wedding dress. Not to mention the work involved in sewing them all on. She can go to the store and buy a dress in a month's time. Don't put yourself out anymore for this person.'

This user echoed this sentiment saying, ‘Karina sounds so entitled- I'm thinking she's been brought up expecting people to just give her stuff - it would never have occurred to a normal person to expect something like an expensive wedding dress to be gifted to them.’

If you were in her shoes, would you gift her the dress?

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