‘I Felt Selfish I’d Taken So Much Time Away’: Love Island’s Paige Thorne On Going Back To Work As A Paramedic

Paige writes for Grazia on how her career in the health service has changed after life in the villa.

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by Paige Thorne |
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I’ve always known that I wanted a career that was selfless and benefited others; that’s what I class as job satisfaction. I’m a paramedic because I hope to make a positive impact on the lives of every person I meet in some way or another.

Honestly, I’m not the kind of paramedic who puts on an overly professional voice or uses complicated terminology that some patients won’t understand — I am who I am, and I think my patients appreciate that. It makes them feel comfortable and at ease around me and we build a good rapport that generates the trust needed for the best treatment possible.

‘The job is as difficult or as easy as you want to make it’ is some of the best advice I’ve been given in my career so far. Guidelines and practices are constantly changing and sometimes you feel overwhelmed coming out as a newly qualified paramedic (NQP). But this phrase helped me not overthink my decisions: Does this patient need hospital? Yes. Ok, treat accordingly and act on that. No. Ok, establish a safety net for the patient and consider possible referrals.

My favourite part of the job is meeting elderly people. They always have the best stories and advice to give. They can definitely be ruthless with their opinions, but I love that about them too. One of the best lines I remember was an elderly patient saying to me: ‘Always be good and if you can’t be good be careful. And if you can’t be careful…enjoy!’

Seeing those elderly people really puts my life into perspective. I think being young you can focus on the smaller aspects of life - like social media - that really won’t matter at all when you’re older.

While I was in the Love Island villa, I really missed my job. I missed interacting with all my different patients and, sometimes, I felt so selfish that I’d taken so much time away from doing the job that I love and am passionate about. Being on Love Island was amazing, but there were times in the villa where I really missed being a paramedic.

Since Love Island, my relationship with my job has definitely changed. All of my colleagues are so supportive, and the team are doing all that they can to ensure me returning to work is as safe as possible. But the priority is and always will be the patient’s best interest.

Before I went into the villa, I always planned to go back to work as a paramedic. I genuinely love my job and I worked really hard at university to get where I am today. I’m so excited to have a work structure and sense of normality in my life again. I’m going back to the job that gives me purpose and helps so many people, too.

I was a little nervous about going back to work after my time away. Being a paramedic is one of those jobs where you need to be in the loop to keep up your skills, knowledge and learning of new practices in order to be an effective member of staff. But I’m confident that now I’m back with my team it will feel just like home.

Being a paramedic is an amazing career—and I intend on keeping it.

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