The Time Of Day Influences Your Watching Habits, According To Netflix Study

Your Netflix binging behaviour isn’t arbitrary; what you watch and when is actually grounded in science…


by Ellie Wiseman |
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Data can reveal a lot about human behaviour. Spotify analysed its data to unearth the listening habits of its users (and hilariously exposed them on billboards around the world), and now everyone’s favourite streaming service Netflix has done some analysis of its own, to reveal a little more about what we like to watch, and why.

With 98 million users (are you even surprised?), Netflix was able to uncover some interesting viewing patterns, such as how the time of day determines what genre we like to watch.

According to Stylist, the data revealed that Netflix users are 34 percent more likely to watch comedy in the mornings, which seems logical, as whacking on an old sitcom that doesn't require any concentration (and which you can recite) while you tease the knots out of your bed hair and glug a cup of coffee is a morning ritual for a lot of us. Not to mention that a few laughs from New Girl or The Office is a fantastic way to start the day (try it if you haven’t).

What’s more, according to the study, evening viewing typically takes a darker turn, with 25 percent more people opting for thrillers and sci-fi as the day closes. Cue The OA and Stranger Things.

Interestingly, though, the study found that 11pm is the pivotal time of day in which viewers will most likely ditch the heavy stuff and fancy something a little lighter. After all, tiredness and murder is the recipe for a broken night’s sleep. Family Guy is the only appropriate thing to watch past midnight, right?

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