The World’s Most Popular Netflix Show Is Not What You Think

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by Ellie Wiseman |
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Our relationship with Netflix is shamefully stronger than a lot of our friendships. The hours and hours we spend nurturing our bond with the streaming service could lead us to believe we know a thing or two about it, but alas it seems we do not.

New research conducted by has revealed what the most popular Netflix show is in each country using Google Trends data, as well as the most popular Netflix show in the world.

As Netflix aficionados, we can pretty much recite every show on there, and considering we are pretty well-acquainted we reckon we could have accurately predicted which show would claim the top spot of popularity, but the results have left us shocked and very confused.

According to the calculation, the most popular show is (drum roll, please) Sherlock

We mean, it’s a cracking watch, if you like Benedict Cumberbatch, but is it worthy of trumping those incredible Netflix originals? Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Making a Murderer - come on! We think not.

Following BBC’s Sherlock popularity-wise is Friends (OK, some sense has been restored), then it's the Netflix originals Narcos and House of Cards followed by FOX's New Girl.

We’re calling for a re-calculation. What about Breaking Bad?!

And as for the most popular Netflix TV show in the UK (no, it’s not The Crown), the top spot is awarded to BBC’s Call the Midwife.


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