7 Mums On The Best And Worst Lessons They’ve Learnt About Motherhood

These mum influencers are telling it exactly how it is...

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by Georgia Aspinall |

Waking up on Mother’s Day today, you may be greeted with a card and breakfast in bed, or equally a screaming baby at 6am. If there’s one thing we know about motherhood, it’s that it really is that unpredictable. As Kristen Bell once said, ‘every day when you're raising kids, you feel like you could cry or crack up and just scream “this is ridiculous!” because there's so much nonsense’.

Regardless of whether you woke up this morning to paradise or pandemonium, Mother’s Day is undoubtedly one for reflection. Looking into ourselves and understanding how we’ve grown or changed from this experience is one activity that could serve all mothers well. That’s why we’ve spoken to some of your favourite influencer mums to find out what they’ve learnt from motherhood so far. From cherishing those few hours sleep to learning how to multi-task, here’s the best and worst lesson these parents have learnt becoming a mum...

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Hollie Burgess

The best lesson: 'Multi-tasking is key! I can literally eat a sandwich, send a work email and read my little one a book at the same time. Who knew that one pair of hands could do so much?The worst lesson: 'Especially since have my youngest who is 8 months old, I've learnt that sleep is the best thing in the world and I miss it! When a second baby comes along, there's no time to catch up on naps in the day like there were with the first one. Plus, it seems much harder at night time once you've had a couple of months of normal sleep.'

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