The Most Popular Day For Proposals, Revealed

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

Prepare for an influx of engagement rings and wedding-related hashtags in your social media feeds: the most popular time of year for a proposal is just around the corner, according to data obtained by wedding planning website

Bridebook estimate that around 100,000 proposals are set to take place over the Christmas holiday period in 2017, having crunched the numbers for engagements month-by-month in 2016 and discovered – no surprises here – December to be the most popular time of year for popping the question. The latter half of the month appears to be particularly favoured by husbands and wives to be. Over half of these engagements took place in the week beginning 19th December, proving that no, you aren’t imagining it: the festive season is filled with a disproportionate number of proposals.

Looking at last year’s data, Bridebook have estimated that Saturday 23rd December will be the most popular day for proposals this year. ‘Historically the Christmas weekend has always been a popular time for people looking to pop the question to choose,’ a spokesperson for the site told Harper’s Bazaar. ‘Last year, almost one fifth of all proposals that year took place in the month of December, and the Christmas week was when the highest number took place.’

‘This year Christmas Day falls on a Monday, and so we expect to see a similar pattern with a large fraction of engagements on Saturday 23rd December and Sunday 24th December,’ they added. ‘The most popular day, based on our analysis of 100,000 brides currently planning their weddings with us, will be Saturday 23rd December.’ Definitive proof that the festive season brings out the romantic (and / or committed) side in so many of us - just like *Love Actually *always told us...

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