Meghan Markle Rounds Off A Busy Day By Baking Some Banana Bread, Leaving Us All Feeling Exhausted

Personally we'd have taken the opportunity to go for a nap, but that's just us...

Meghan Markle Australia Tour banana bread

by Rebecca Holman |
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What’s the first thing you'd do after landing on the other side of the road and then going on a day’s worth of public engagements? And did we mention that you’re also four months pregnant? If you’re answer is: have a massive lie down, then don’t feel bad, that’s 100% what we’d do.

However, if you’re Meghan Markle, you’d whip up a quick banana bread for your engagements the next day before even thinking about putting your feet up. TheDuchess Of Sussex decided ‘on the spur of the moment,’ to bake a banana bread on Tuesday night at Admiralty House, the Mansion Home of the Govenor General of Australia.

Daily Mail Royal Correspondent Rebecca English reported that the banana bread featured ginger and chocolate chips, which sounds delicious – but no word on whether the recipe in question originally featured on Meghan’s now-defunct blog The Tig (RIP). The blog did used to be a recipe for ‘life changing bread,’ confusingly contains hazlenuts and maple syrup, but no flour (but hey, who are we to argue?).

We can only speculate that Meghan’s impromptu baking session threw the Govenor’s entire household into disarray, when the guest of honour donned a pinny and started rummaging round the cupboards for plain flour.

The Duchess took the banana bread with her on Wednesday to afternoon tea in Dubbo, a rural town in New South Wales, where the couple visited Mountain View Farm, owned by five-generation farming family The Woodleys. She also took a tin of Fortnum and Mason ‘royal blend’ tea along with her too. Proving that she's an excellent guest and would probably always remember to bring a bottle of wine, plus something extra for the cheeseboard were we to ever have her round for dinner.

Obviously news that Meghan managed to squeeze in a quick baking session in the few short hours she actually had to have a bit of a rest will lead to speculation that she can in fact ‘do it all.’ But for the rest of us, who haven’t even managed to squeeze in a quick toast-making session this morning, we should probably just revel in the fact that the entire world isn’t watching our every move.

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