Has IKEA Just Confirmed That The Apocalypse Is Coming?

The homeware giant has a new business strategy and it’s based on a bleak future...

Has IKEA Just Confirmed The Apocalypse Is Coming?

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Imagine a world where cities are overcrowded, everyone lives in tiny spaces, no one has any money and we’re so overworked we barely have any spare time...

Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine, that’s literally real life for most people living in a big city right now, especially London. And if IKEA’s new business strategy is anything to go by, that’s not changing anytime soon. In fact, the homeware giant has changed its entire long-term business plan based on research that, in the near future, people will have even less money, less time and less space.


Ikea Group, the world’s largest furniture retailer,has conducted research to understand how to combat their most recent 33% profit decline, and found that by the year 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in large cities. That’s double the current percentage.

It’s good news for IKEA fans, as their new strategy focuses on increasing the number of stores in city centers, improving its home delivery and online service, plus ensuring their prices are as low as possible. So essentially, we might be poor, cramped and over-worked, but at least we can decorate our tiny homes with cool Swedish furniture.

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In a world we’re Donald Trump is President, Brexit is actually going ahead and Tristan Thompson cheated on a HEAVILY pregnant Khloe Kardashian, is IKEA really is just confirming what we already know? I.e. the apocalypse will start any day now.

To make it even worse the new, smaller outlets won't even have meatballs. Basically, our childhood weekends of going to IKEA, losing your mum five minutes in and then enjoying a family meatball dinner will not be passed down to future generations. DO WE ALL JUST GIVE UP NOW?

It’s especially telling that a Swedish company is the one predicting this, since Sweden regularly ranks high in lists of the happiest places to live in the world. If we can’t even count on Sweden to be an ideal living destination, what chance do we have in the UK?

So, while IKEA’s new strategy might be great for their profits, it really doesn’t feel that great for the rest of us. Stock up on your tinned lentils and beans now kids. Hey, that’s a point, at least we can still be vegan when the apocalypse comes… I guess millennials really do win in the end.

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Debrief Houseplants For Good Vibes

Houseplants For Good Vibes1 of 8


In feng shui, they talk a lot about 'lucky bamboo', and while purchasing a bamboo plant a plopping it in the middle of your room won't suddenly turn you into a master of the art, we can certainly appreciate the fact that it's been used as a symbol of vitality, good fortune and prosperity for thousands of years.

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You're probably pretty familiar with the benefits of things like lavender oil in aromatherapy and stuff - it helps relax, is meant to improve sleep and some believe it helps blood circulation too. So, having a pot of the real deal IRL can't hurt.

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I best you didn't know that basil releases oxygen for about 20 hours or so a day? It's super purifying, absorbs toxins and is believed to get rid of negative energy. Also, they're super cheap to buy.

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Ivy is the king of air purification and as we said, the elimination of toxins play a big part in enhancing your good energy. Back in the day people used to pop them in doorways to promote good health and good luck. Worth a try?

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Word on the street is that orchids will help you get restful sleep. Their oxygen release tends to happen in the night time so plonk one of these in your bedroom to aid better kip. According to feng shui, they also attract positive energy to your home, the type that contributes to romance and the big L.O.V.E.

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Fragrant flowers are a bit of a theme in this list. In Persia the jasmine is considered to be extra special because of it's ability to enhance self-esteem, stimulate the mind and strengthen relationships. It's a powerful one.

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Peace Lily

The clue is in the name, guys. The peace lily is believed to help you grow spiritually, physically and mentally. Their pointy leaves are meant to help the flow of energy around your home and, on a practical level, they're really easy to look after.

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Spider Plant

Not only super easy to take care of, the Spider Plant (or Chlorophytum variegatum if you're feeling fancy) is also a plant that purifies the air. PLUS you can get one from Lidl for just £2.79 at the moment - win win!

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