Forget Brexit, 2016 Was Officially The Year Of Gin


by Rebecca Cope |
Published on

It's something we've known at Grazia HQ for a long time, but now it's official: gin is the drink of 2016.

We're not sure if it's because we've all been drowning our sorrows more than usual this year (see: Brexit and the election of Donald Trump), but there's been a marked increase in the consumption of the nation's favourite tipple. Sales have been so good, they've consistently outperformed every other drink categoy throughout the year.

According to figures released by the Wine and Spirit Association, total gin sales reached an astounding £1 billion this year, with an increase in gin bought in shops of 13% and in lisenced premises like pubs and clubs of 19%. That's 40 million bottles of gin, 7 million more than in 2012.

"There are many reasons why people may not feel like celebrating 2016 but the WSTA are pleased to give you something happy to reflect on - 2016 can now be remembered as the ‘Great British Gin Take Off’," said Miles Beale, Chief Executive of the WSTA. "We hope that [the] government supports our innovative gin makers."

Typically a summer drink, sales of gin have showed no signs of slowing down as the festive season draws in, proving that 2016 truly is 'the year of gin'. Now that's something we'd happily raise a glass to...

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