House Falling Apart In Lockdown? Take Renovation Inspo From The DIY Teens On Tik Tok

While the rest of us have been staring at the broken washing machine for three months, there are a whole group of Tik Tok teens who've been basically renovating their parents houses...

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If there’s one trend that’s exploded on TikTok during lockdown, it’s house renovations. Teens upon teens are finding areas of their parent’s homes – from basements to entire back houses – and turning them into their own private sanctuary, power tools and all. Meanwhile, Millennial’s are trapped in a making of their own mess seeing their flats fall apart before their very eyes.

‘My kitchen door came off its hinges last night,’ I told some friends over WhatsApp this morning. ‘Add that to the fridge door falling apart and the plug in my bathroom not working anymore.’ To my surprise, almost all of them were going through some sort of maintenance crisis, all toying between calling their landlords or attempting DIY themselves and settling on the obvious choice: get someone else to do it.

It seems that our houses aren’t used to us living in them so much, and as such, they’re all deciding to give up on us. And while some of us (yes, me) choose to stare at the mess blankly before turning around and going straight to bed – others are actually doing something about it themselves.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there was a 42% surge in sales in DIY shops back in May. Around the same time, Google search results for ‘DIY’ peaked at 1.8million. If you’ve seen the endless videos online of people redecorating their homes, you won’t be surprised by this.

The videos always start the same. A teen is deciding to re-do their room or in some cases, an entire house their parents just happen to have in their back garden. They show the grubby, poorly maintained initial product, the first day of power washing, stripping back the features and some ideas of what they want to do with it. ‘Follow to keep up with my journey!’ they say, promptly gaining tons of followers as people eagerly await the final product.

And viewers aren’t disappointed, what these teens manage to do, their use of power tools and knowledge of building from scratch is astounding to the Millennial eye. I mean, we can’t even use a microwave apparently. Honestly, whether you’re watching someone build their own ‘babe cave’, repurpose old furniture or just decorate their room, DIY TikTok is putting us all to shame.

So much so, we’re watching them obsessively and noting every tip we can. What are the top things we’ve learnt? Scroll to find out.

You will need a pressure washer at some point

Literally, every DIY video on TikTok seems to utilise a pressure washer whether it’s cleaning out an entire disused house, ridding basements of cobwebs or refreshing an old carpet – they’re the cleaning tool of choice.


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DIY is way more accessible than you’d think

It might take days to complete a big DIY project and a lot of elbow grease, but DIY is not as complicated as you might think according to these TikTok teens. Literally, just watch these videos and you’ll see…

An accent wall will cheer up any room

Literally all you need is paint and tape and you are essentially Michael Angelo. Check out our favourites…

You can literally repurpose anything

One of our favourites? This old desk repurposed into the most instagrammable workspace ever just with some picture printing, resin, spray paint and gold flakes.

All you need for prize-worthy art is paint and your own body

The #bodyart challenge proved that during lockdown, case en point…

Bed sheets can be curtains

Yes, seriously – anything can be anything in the land of TikTok. Just check this out..

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