Here’s Why Women Love This Sex Position

Intimate, empowering and perfect for clitoral stimulation... what more could you ask for?

Cowgirl sex position

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Yeehaw, it’s cowgirl season! No seriously, cowgirls are everywhere – from inspiring summer 2024 fashion trends with the token boots and hats to appearing on screen in hit TV shows like Yellowstone and Billy the Kid. Perhaps that’s why there’s been an uptick in people searching for the ‘cowgirl sex position’ – we’ve all seemingly got the uniform, why not get into character and start riding ourselves? No, but seriously, there does appear to be much increased interest in the classically adored sex position that’s great for female pleasure.

Of course, there’s always more to learn about making our favourite sex positions feel even better. That’s why we spoke to sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight to get the lowdown on all things cowgirl.

What is the cowgirl sex position and how does it work?

‘The cowgirl sex position is a popular position that can be both deeply sensual and empowering,’ says Annabelle. ‘The clue’s in the name, the receiving partner, aka the “cowgirl”, straddles the penetrating partner, making sure that they’re facing them. This position allows the partner on top to control the pace, depth, and angle of penetration, and is ideal for vaginal or anal play, making it a firm favourite for lots of people.’

Cowgirl sex position
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Are there different types of cowgirl sex positions?

There sure are! The most common and popular is regular cowgirl, as explained above, but reverse cowgirl is also a fan favourite. Again, fairly self-explanatory, but it’s the same woman-on-top position, but she’s just turned around to face the other way giving the partner on bottom the ultimate rearview (pun intended). There’s also horizontal cowgirl, where the person on top lowers themselves down until the partners are chest to chest (or if you’re in reverse, chest to legs) to create a more intimate experience – and give you a much-needed rest if you get tired riding.

Here's Annabelle’s top tips to master the cowgirl sex position

Set the pace: Start slow to find a rhythm that feels good for both partners. The ‘cowgirl’ can use their thighs to raise and lower themselves, and they can also grind or swivel their hips to change sensations.

Get your hands involved: The receiving partner can place their hands on the penetrating partner's chest or shoulders for balance. Alternatively, the penetrating partner can hold the receiving partner's hips or thighs to help guide their movements.

Find your best angle: Changing the angle of your body can create different sensations. Leaning forward or backwards can target different areas, like the G-spot or prostate, enhancing pleasure.

Use a toy: Adding clitoral or penile stimulation can heighten the experience. The receiving partner can use a vibrator to stimulate themselves, or, if you want hands-free sensations opt for a couples love ring.

Communicate: Keep open lines of communication to ensure both partners are comfortable and enjoying the experience. Discussing preferences and providing feedback during the act can enhance pleasure for both.

Why do people like the cowgirl sex position?

According to Annabelle, it’s all about control, empowerment and of course, clitoral stimulation.

‘The receiving partner has more control over the depth and speed of penetration, which can help them experience more pleasure during penetration,’ she explains. ‘This position also allows for easier access to the clitoris, which can enhance pleasure and increase the likelihood of orgasm for the receiving partner.

‘The face-to-face orientation facilitates intimacy and connection through eye contact, which can be emotionally satisfying,’ Annabelle continues. ‘And adjusting the angle can effectively stimulate the G-spot or prostate, increasing pleasure. It just offers a different perspective and can make the receiving partner feel more empowered and active in the sexual experience.’

Is the cowgirl sex position safe?

After reverse cowgirl was dubbed the most dangerous sex position due to risk of injury, one must address the obvious concerns – cowgirl is similarly risky if not performed correctly. So, what should you bear in mind? Annabelle advises considering the following:

Knee and Thigh Strain

The receiving partner may experience strain in their knees or thighs from the repeated up-and-down motion. Taking breaks or adjusting positions can help alleviate this.


Maintaining balance can be tricky, especially if the receiving partner is less experienced. Using your headboard, or a bedside table for support can help maintain stability.

Penile Injury

If the receiving partner comes down too quickly or at the wrong angle, it could cause discomfort or even injury to the penetrating partner if they have a penis (don’t forget strap-ons exist!) so maintaining a level of control is important, as is communicating any discomfort that might occur.


The receiving partner might tire out quickly. Switching positions or taking a break for a bit can help maintain energy and enjoyment.

Vaginal/Anal Discomfort

Deep penetration might be uncomfortable for some. It's crucial to adjust the depth and pace according to what works for you… and don’t forget it’s ok to say if you’re just not feeling things for whatever reason.

Overall, though, Annabelle says, the cowgirl position can be a highly pleasurable and intimate experience when both partners listen to verbal cues, observe and react accordingly to body language. It promises a good show for the ‘giver’ and ultimate control for the ‘cowgirl’, which in itself can be a huge turn-on. Just remember to have a bottle of lube close by should you need a splash mid-play…

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