As If! There’s Now A Real-Life Version Of Cher’s Wardrobe Tool In Clueless


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Technology has come a long way in the past 22 years but somehow it hasn't quite progressed enough to capture the most iconic gizmo of cult movie history.

We're talking, of course, about Cher's incredible interactive wardrobe computer that memorised images of all her clothes and told her exactly what matched and what didn't.

Ever since we clapped eyes on that holy grail of closet technology in Clueless, we craved it.

Therein lay our answers to endless morning what-do-I-wear dilemmas, swiftly followed by what-the-hell-do-I-even-own-anyway angst.

While some wardrobe management apps offer a flavour of Cher's nifty system, none of them quite replicated its on-demand brilliance.

Until now.

Remember this? ©YouTube

Amazon has just unveiled the latest incarnation of its Alexa voice assistant - and, as Time Out points out, its functionality is remarkably close to the Clueless wardrobe set-up.

The Echo Look is being touted as "a hands-free camera and style assistant".

Its key feature is an integrated fashion feedback service called Style Check, to rate particular looks and help you choose which outfits suit you best.

A voice-operated, wi-fi camera will capture full-length selfies and video, which will be used to archive a personal "look book" based on the your individual style preferences.

Alexa will then give an opinion on whether a given outfit works or not, and suggest shopping choices based on what's already in your wardrobe.

Its recommendations will be backed up by comprehensive trends data.

As Tech Crunch reports, the $200 (£154) gadget is currently using the judgement of real-life stylists to help develop its feedback.

But the bigger plan will be to automate this service, even in an area as subjective as fashion choices (if Cher's computer can do it, so can others - right?)

Echo Look: the 21st Century answer to Cher's wardrobe computer? ©amazon

The launch has not been without controversy.

Critics have already raised questions over the ethics of a mechanism that judges your appearance, along with privacy concerns that come with the fact that you will be allowing a camera to capture personal footage of yourself and your wardrobe space.

Amazon said it would not share any information with advertisers or third party websites.

Echo Look is listed as being available "by invitation only" for the US market right now.

But if all goes well, it will surely migrate across the Atlantic, so we can all have our share of the Cher-inspired closet comrade.

Bring it on.

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