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The Hilarious Christmas Tree Memes We Can All Relate To This Week

Is lugging your mini fir tree home without a car proving more hassle than it's worth? You're not alone!

The Christmas countdown has begun, and with the big day just 20 days away festive preparations are well underway. People are making the journey to garden centres, flower stools, and florists in a bid to bag the ultimate Christmas decoration – the Christmas tree – but for some the fir is massively killing our festive vibe.

Social media users have taken to online platforms, Twitter and Instagram, to document their struggle ferrying home their Christmas tree without the handy car that others have the luxury of. The microblogging site is writhe with people sharing their problems dragging their five foot spindly tree across the street, and up the stairs, before the real faff of decorating has even begun. And we are here for it!

One savvy city slicker strapped his leafy tree to the back of his bike to make his journey home stress free. Alongside a picture of the shrub strapped onto the two wheeler, which was posted on Twitter, read: ‘Living in the city without a car.’ However, others have had to rely on public transport and ferried their nine footer on the bus or train. Another tweeted: ‘I took a 9 foot tree on a bus in rush hour last year #proud.’ Oh the joys.

While others are desperately trying to avoid channelling their inner Meg Ryan in Harry Met Sally when they lug their fir back down heaving high streets, through hoards of commuters, and up the stairs to their city flat, which doubles up as an obstacle course.

Another shared a clip from the classic movie on Twitter to share their Christmas prep woes: ‘Every year when I carry my Christmas tree home, I remind myself to carry it on my hip, like an overgrown, sap covered toddler, so I don’t look like Meg Ryan in the part of When Harry Met Sally... where everything is ruined and horrible.’

Another documented their journey on the micro blogging site, and made sure not to miss out the moment they got stuck midway across a zebra crossing clasping onto their tree with their fingertips. We’ve all been there.

With all this palava, there’s no wonder the meme of a Christmas tree being thrown out of a window has raked up hundreds of likes and has us all howling and questioning whether to do the same. And for those who have yet to erect the centrepiece, just one look at these memes has our backs crying out in pain.

Merry Christmas.