Brits Spend 79 Minutes A Day Editing Instagrams On Holiday

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by Ellie Wiseman |
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When thinking about going on holiday, are you more excited for the experience, or for the photos? If you weren't allowed to post on Instagram, would you still spend all that money? Would you still go?

A survey conducted by The Lonely Planet found that Brit millennials are perhaps more concerned with having photographic evidence of a trip abroad, rather than experiencing things organically (i.e. not through a screen), and spend 79 minutes a day editing photos for Instagram.

Perhaps more worrying is the fact that Brits are taking more selfies than scenic shots: 10 selfies to 7 scenic shots per day, to be precise.

What is more, 29 percent of those surveyed said that they had no idea the rear-facing camera was better quality than the front-facing/selfie camera, so are misusing their phones altogether.

While many holiday snaps are posted online in huge Facebook albums, or will are soon to be loaded into Instagram galleries (thanks to the new update), the survey concluded that only one out of four photos is actually good enough to print out and frame. Though, the study states that 63 percent of people surveyed wish they had printed out more moments to frame or to look at off-screen. A tangible copy is always better than the digital version, after all.

The need to show-off or 'prove' your travels goes hand-in-hand with the influence of social media (we're all guilty of this to some extent). Yet, while the study states that Brits will spend one hour and 19 minutes editing pictures (playing with filters, fiddling with captions, adding hashtags and tagging locations), it has to be said that holiday snaps are generally best left unretouched (thanks to great lighting), and this should actually free up more time to focus on the experience itself.

'As a society, our love of taking photographs has never been stronger, particularly when we go on holiday,' said Keith Hanson, UK general manager of Bonusprint. 'But so many of us are clearly either over-editing our pictures or do not know how to get the best out of our camera phones to capture those really special images that are worthy of printing.'

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