The Big Brother Diary Room Meltdowns We Now Completely Understand

Thanks to lockdown, we can empathise with Gemma Collins crying because she can't get a professional blow-dry...

Nikki Grahame, Megan McKenna and Gemma Collins

by Georgia Aspinall |

It's quite something when you’re sitting in lockdown, having been trapped in the house for more than two months, and realise: ‘Wow, now I know how Nikki Grahame and Gemma Collins felt in Big Brother.’ They’re words you likely never thought would enter your head. And yet strangely, they provide some sort of solace in this entire experience.

Whether you’ve been caught in a huge house row or lost your temper over the tiniest change in routine, chances are quarantine has led to at least on meltdown worthy of what would be your ‘best bits’ on Big Brother. Luckily for us, there are no cameras to catch us crying over a grown-out manicure, but we sure are grateful for these hilarious moments in Big Brother history to see us through our own dairy-room disasters.

Here are all of the Big Brother rants we now completely understand…

Literally everyone of Nikki Grahame’s rants

If there’s one person twho stands above the rest for her diary room meltdowns, it’s Nikki Grahame. From her infamous ‘who is she?’ rant when she was nominated to leave to her crying over the heating not being on, Grahame’s upsets have gone down in the Big Brother lore as iconic.

Luckily for us, we’re not having to deal with our housemates nominating us to leave the house every week like Nikki was. But we can for sure now relate to the pure frustration of being trapped inside for weeks at a time and the resulting meltdowns at every little thing.

When Gemma Collins couldn’t get a blow-dry

With hair salons now closed for over two months and all of us increasingly forgetting how to use a hairbrush, we can relate to Gemma more now. In the below clip, Gemma is seen in tears because the only haircare available is straighteners as opposed to heated rollers or, as she would prefer, a professional blow-dry. Oh to feel the heat of a warm round brush on our necks once more.

When Megan McKenna couldn’t handle the bitching anymore

If you’ve ever lived in a shared house – or literally went to any school ever – you’ll be familiar with the frustration of tense group dynamics. From that two-faced friend that cosies up to everyone until they leave the room – which spurred Megan’s meltdown – to the untidy habits bubbling over now that everyone’s in the house All. The. Time.

When Angie Bowie just wanted some sleep

Nothing is as frustrating as trying to sleep when someone else is controlling the environment around you. Angie Bowie proved this when she kicked off in the diary room because Big Brother refused to turn the bedroom lights off for her to get some sleep. In lockdown we have become all too familiar with the annoyance of everyone in the house being on different sleep schedules. Whether it’s the housemate that has reverted to the university days playing music until 3am or the husband that has an 8am conference call every morning when you feel like you closed your eyes approximately 12 seconds ago, sleep is a real sore point right now.

When Trisha Paytas just wanted a wash cloth

Remember that first week of lockdown when everyone started hoarding everything from toilet paper to hand soap? Well, there was a good few weeks there were we weren’t sure just go far this would go, would we ever feel clean again when our measly soap runs out and the shops are bare? Thanks to key workers, we never had to figure that out – but we can still relate to the stress of Trisha Paytas, who cried in the dairy room because she couldn’t wash herself properly without wash clothes.

When Farrah Abraham’s flip flop broke

Picture the scene: you’ve been in lockdown for 6 weeks craving the sun on your skin. You check the day's weather forecast and see a glimmer of hope, it’s 24 degrees and sunny this afternoon. You run round the house getting ready to recreate a day at the beach in the garden. But you can’t find your flip flops. It’s been a year since you wore them, where could they be? You look everywhere only to find them buried at the back of your wardrobe. A sigh of relief, you pull them out and gasp… one of them has fallen apart. And so you fall apart, too... It might’ve sounded ludicrous in 2019, now… not so much. In fact, we’re not so sure that wasn’t a passage from someone’s lockdown biography.

Farrah Abraham might not have been craving a summers day when she kicked off in the diary room because her flip flop broke, but we can definitely relate to falling apart over the tiny things after being stuck in a house for so long.

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