The Best Boris Johnson Memes On The Internet Right Now

Apparently this day of political chaos makes for the perfect meme recipe...

Boris Johnson

by Georgia Aspinall |

Now that it has been reported that the Prime Minister will resign today, the internet is ablaze with Boris Johnson memes and reactions. 50 Tory MP's have resigned, including Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Johnson has been fighting for political survival since it was revealed that he appointed Conservative MP Chris Pincher as deputy chief whip despite being briefed about a sexual misconduct complaint made against him. The Conservative MP for Tamworth resigned from his position on 30 June after allegations of sexual misconduct – having also faced previous allegations about his behaviour – but denies any misconduct.

Following Pincher's resignation, No 10 initially denied that Johnson was aware of any specific complaints against Pincher before appointing him to the top government position. But Lord McDonald - a former top civil servant in the Foreign Office – disputed that claim, stating that Johnson was briefed ‘in person’ about a ‘formal complaint’ into Pincher's conduct in 2019, when Mr Pincher was then Foreign Office minister. After McDonald’s statement, the government changed tack – stating that the prime minister was in fact briefed but could not ‘recall this’ when allegations initially emerged. Johnson has since said that he ‘bitterly regrets’ not acting on the information. He has also denied lying to his team about his awareness of the briefing.

Now, after a wave of government resignations and Johnson's integrity called into question for what feels like the 1000th time, 'Boris Johnson memes' is trending - everyone seemingly wants something funny to post amid a backdrop of bleak political times.

So, with that in mind, here’s a round-up of the funniest Boris Johnson memes on social media right now…

The best Boris Johnson resignation memes

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