This Woman’s Date Accidentally Sent A Nasty Message About Her To Her Instead Of His Friend

He said he was only seeing her out of desperation and would use her for sex.

Bumble date rude TikTok viral

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

Fat thumbs have gotten the best of most of us at one point in our lives. Whether ‘replying all’ to an email or posting a screenshot into the wrong group chat, a split-second decision can lead to lots of drama and embarrassment.

And a healthcare worker from Alabama called Samantha Burroughs has publicly called out her Bumble date on TikTok after he accidentally sent her a seriously horrible message criticising her appearance and plotting to use her for sex, which was meant for his friend.

After sending a sweet picture of Samantha on holiday in her bikini to what he thought was his mate, Samantha’s date, Jake, wrote: ‘No bro she’s a solid four and I would for sure keep it on the low but desperate times call for desperate measures and beggars can’t be choosers. All I saw was tits and an easy lay.’ Vomit.

If we needed any more reminders of how horrible men can be when they talk about women to their friends, this is one that will have you crestfallen seriously fast.

Scrambling to recover from the irreparable blunder, Jake then followed up with: ‘Damn I’m sorry I didn’t mean to send that to you…I was talking about someone else and clicked your picture on accident. My bad.’ So now not only is Jake a problematic misogynist…he’s also dumb.

To hold Jake to account, Burroughs posted the messages on TikTok where they very quickly went viral. And, in a continuation of his charming behaviour, Jake has followed up with her to demand she remove the video and to call her ‘fat’ and ‘crazy’.

‘Look if you really want things to work out and ever want a guy to think anything of you other than you being crazy you should probably take that down,’ he advised. ‘You look stupid wigging out over a joke…Sorry that I don’t find fat girls attractive.’

Continuing with the very obviously gaslighting, he then added: ‘Your daddy issues are showing,’ before feebly apologising and placing the blame back on Burroughs with: ‘Look I’m sorry I’ve been drinking and shouldn’t have acted this way but I have a low tolerance for women who act like this just delete the TikTok and we can part ways.’

Even though this guy is clearly a piece of work, the saving grace is that Burroughs saw his true colours early on. Explaining Jake’s comments belittled her and were ‘childish’ she explained: ‘He went from being really respectful and having really good grammar to talking like he was a high schoolboy. It's amazing how men can totally deceive you. It seemed like two totally different people.’ Terrifying.

‘Initially, I was very shocked,’ she said of reading his message. ‘My jaw hit the floor then I was laughing a bit because It's so typical of my luck with men. I didn't reply with anything because I didn't know what to say.’

‘I do try to really read people's profiles to see what their interests are, and this guy had things in there about loving kids and things that are attractive traits,' she said. 'He was attractive. The tall, dark and handsome type. He had really pretty eyes and lips too. He was interested in the same things I'm interested in. He sounded very respectful and seemed like he was appreciative of my time.’

Thankfully, most TikTok users have defended Burroughs and more than 12million people have now seen the video. ‘Did he think his attempt at saving the situation was somehow better?’ questioned one user. ‘You’re so beautiful! We love it when the trash takes itself out,’ added another.

Unfortunately, Jake’s vile messages aren’t uncommon, and men not only share derogatory messages about women with their friends over text but one in five have also posted nude images of women they know to group chats, online forums, or websites.

Post-date analysis of someone’s appearance and scoring them out of ten isn’t only immature and unkind, it’s also emblematic of misogynistic attitudes that allow men to continue to objectify, belittle and gaslight women through microaggressions that ultimately contribute to male violence and inequality.

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