We Need To Have An Honest Conversation About The Realities Of Breastfeeding

Enter Tommee Tippee's competition for Grazia readers to win some of their most-loved products (including the Complete Breastfeeding Kit worth £169.99)


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In celebration of their new campaign, Tommee Tippee is hosting a competition for Grazia readers to win some of their most-loved products (including the Complete Breastfeeding Kit worth £169.99). If you want a chance to win, scroll down and enter using the form below.

If anyone knows what a different journey breastfeeding can be, it’s Louise, a mum of three, including two twins. ‘Once I was established with my first baby, I got on a roll. I definitely had those lovely fuzzy maternal feels during the feeds - the bedtime feed became my favourite.’

Despite Louise’s positive experience the first-time round, she can understand why it’s a much harder journey for some women. ‘Getting established was probably the hardest part,’ she explains. ‘It can take a few weeks and it can make you feel anxious. You wonder “Are they getting their food?”, “Am I doing it right?” I totally get why people give up in those early days.’

But Louise found herself in a different position when she went on to have twins and found feeding both of them much more challenging. ‘It was totally opposite with my twins. In fact I used to express the milk for their bedtime feeds because to be quite frank, I felt too drained to have them attached to me again by 6pm. I know that sounds awful, but it really drained me emotionally as well as physically.’

But it shouldn’t ‘sound awful’, should it? Because Louise won’t have been alone in her experience, and being able to have frank conversations about new motherhood and feeding is crucial.

Enter: The Boob Life, a new campaign from trusted parenting brand Tommee Tippee, hoping to affirm breastfeeding isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ process and giving mums the confidence to have an honest conversation about their breastfeeding journey without feeling vulnerable to external pressures and preconceived expectations.

In fact, in order to kickstart The Boob Life, Tommee Tippee are hosting a competition for Grazia readers to win some of their most-loved products – including the Complete Breastfeeding Kit (first prize), with two other lucky winners getting their Breast Pads and Nipple Cream. If you want a chance to win, enter using the form below.

On March 2nd, they're also launching a unique six-part digital content series on Tommee Tippee’s Instagram called Spill the Milk. The series will host raw and emotional conversations with real women from the UK, US and Australia on their experiences of feeding and motherhood.

Both the website and the TV show aim to open up the conversation about new motherhood, talking honestly about the issues - from cracked nipples or mastitis to milk supply, to the pride and euphoria that can come hand in hand with the breastfeeding journey.

Jade has two children and chose to breastfeed both of them, and like many women, found is tricky. She’s not alone, 'When does breastfeeding get easier?' is a major search term around breastfeeding, according to Google Trends. And yet, thanks to the intense pressure parents are under to ‘get it right’, Jade said she felt upset and guilty whenever she ran into complications.

‘From the outside it just seems to look seamless,' she continues. 'Prior to breastfeeding I would see pictures of mothers feeding and it never reflected how it was for me, the baby latched, the position the mother was in, it all seemed so much easier for everyone else.’

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Ultimately, The Boob Life campaign endeavours to ensure parents no longer feel in the dark about feeding. 'There were some feeds, especially with my first son whose latch that went well and I remember them fondly,’ continues Jade, who is also one of the mums featured in The Boob Life's campaign video. 'The way you are able to comfort your child instantly with a feed is great, and even though it didn’t work out for me with both my children I don’t regret trying.'

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