Five Style Tips That Will Help You Stay Stylish Throughout Your Pregnancy

Personal Stylist and Founder of Glow In Style, Gabriela Rye, gives her tips for maternity dressing.

Maternity dressing tips

by Rhiannon Evans |
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“What do I wear as my bump gets bigger?” “I can’t even see my feet!” “Nothing fits me, HELP!” These are just some of the questions you may ask yourself and your friends when you’re pregnant and see your bump start to grow, which, if in your first pregnancy, tends to occur after 20 weeks or so. Not all bumps are created equal however, so the way you carry your bump may be completely different from someone else’s... But your bump is your biggest asset. As a Personal Stylist and Founder ofGlow In Style, a platform designed to provide online styling services for mum’s who are expecting, nursing and beyond, I have come up with 5 Style Tips that will help you from the beginning till the end of your pregnancy.


You have to think long term wear when looking into shopping for your bump, not just during your pregnancy but after as well. Don’t buy anything that you can’t wear at least three different ways by combining them with clothing you already own in your current closet. Some great suggestions to add to your wardrobe are button down tops and wrap dresses – these are fantastic to wear during your pregnancy but also have longevity to use afterwards too either when breastfeeding or to help in the transition period of your body changing post-birth.

Don’t forget to add accessories

It may be something you already do but being pregnant is a great time to try accessorising with belts that sit directly under the bust line, necklaces that are long enough to wear with your bump, and bracelets that accentuate the wrist (which is the smallest part of your body); show them off by rolling up the sleeves of long sleeve tops and dresses.

Flaunt your Assets!

Rock that bump of yours without losing your personal style. Find ways to still feel like you, but in clothes that will grow with you. If you are into silks or satins, you can still wear these by sizing up or pairing with a jumper to conceal a button or zip. No need to give up your body-con dresses during your pregnancy either as this silhouette is a great way to show off your bump.

Have fun

Get creative with ideas when pulling outfits together and experiment with colour. This doesn’t have to be stressful, just go with what works for you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

Comfort is key

Overall, as long as you feel comfortable in what you wear, that is the most important thing when pregnant. Wear your trainers with a maxi dress and denim jacket, or put on a pair maternity leggings if you are seeking ultimate comfort for your bump.

Being pregnant is a time where you should be relaxing and enjoying the process of your body changing. It is an amazing experience watching your bump grow, but it can also become very uncomfortable as you get bigger and start carrying more weight. My biggest tip is to find things that spark most joy and provide ease when pregnant.

I have been pregnant three times (currently expecting my third), so have really had time to scour, try and test ALL of the pregnancy related items on the market. In my search, I found items I really love and have used throughout each pregnancy.

These are the items that I highly recommend no matter where you are in your pregnancy...

Fleece Lined Maternity Leggings by Plush

These leggings are so soft and comfortable. The fleece works great for the Great British weather, and they also work fantastically pre & post pregnancy as well. I only bought 2 and they have lasted throughout all my pregnancies (that is a lot of wear!)

Maternity Belly Band by Slimme

My goodness, this support band has been a saviour to my body and I can’t speak highly enough of it! I have carried very large babies and I have a petite frame - I’m 5’2”/ 157 cm so carrying big babies has been very difficult. But these bands have worked wonders for me, so I purchased 2. They also work postpartum as well. I used it for the relief of lower back and round ligament pain and it very much helped me. I’d recommend getting at least two of these, one in a size for your 2nd trimester and a larger size for your 3rd trimester.

Mid Wash Dungarees by JoJo Maman Bébé

These dungarees are amazing! I love that you can dress them up or down, and can pair with other items regardless of what season we’re in. The quality of these have lasted me throughout all of my pregnancies and will last for years to come. I even use this without a bump because they are so comfortable.

Being through 3 pregnancies means I have years of experience knowing what the maternity essentials are that can be paired with absolutely any outfit. In my experience and through a lot of market research, I have found the essentials to be black maternity leggings, a nursing and maternity cami top, a nursing and maternity dress, and maternity skirt – each of which grows with your bump but retains its original quality and material to be worn post-birth too.

All of these items can be found in our Maternity Essentials Box from Glow In Style. The items included can be worn pre, during and post bump so all have longevity and are timeless. They are all very comfortable and soft on the skin and can be worn with your existing wardrobe to create so many outfits.

If you would like to try the styling service or purchase a Maternity Essentials Box for yourself, use the code GLOWMUM to receive £15 off. Be quick as the offer expires May 16th 2021.

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