Childcare Change Now: ‘We Will Not Shut Up And We Will Not Go Away’

110,000 of you joined our calls for Childcare Change. The government this morning said they are not considering a review. But, we're not defeated - here's what you can do next.

Childcare review

by Rhiannon Evans |

To see more than 110,000 of you join our campaign and sign a petition, calling on the government to conduct an independent review into childcare in this country was absolutely astonishing. Not only was it heartwarming, but the speed at which we reached the target for 100,000 signatures to secure a parliamentary debate showed there is a dire need for our calls to be answered.

But, this morning, the government emailed everyone who had signed the petition organised by Grazia, The Juggle and Pregnant Then Screwed and told them they would not consider a review as we had asked them.

It was disheartening to say the least - but we wanted to reassure you that we won't stop campaigning.

Firstly, it's important to say we will still get a debate as planned - this is due for September. And you may have also had an email from the government asking for information for their report into what has changed for new parents and the impact of covid-19 on maternity and parental leave. They've set up a survey here. So there is still an avenue to make your voice heard.

But today, we are moving onto the next stage of the campaign, which is to continue to make noise with your MP, asking them to call on the government to conduct an independent review into childcare. We've made it VERY easy too.

To Tweet your MP, asking them to support our calls for an independent childcare review, JUST CLICK HERE.

The tweet is already written for you and will automatically go to your local MP.

We've repeatedly laid out the reasons our childcare system isn't working for anyone - providers or parents. We've showed how childcare costs are catastrophic for women. We've heard of people going into debt or using credit cards to pay for childcare. We've told you about parents giving up work facing a £52,000 a year bill. Our Childcare Juggle posts on The Juggle have seen hundreds of you tell us your stories.

We've also seem FOI evidence that the government has knowingly underfunded childcare.

But in an email to everyone who signed the petition this morning, the Department for Education wrote: 'The Government is not currently planning a review of the childcare system. Support is available to help with childcare costs, and the Government monitors the sustainability of childcare providers.

For years, parents, campaigners, charities and childcare professionals have been telling the Government that their paltry investment in our childcare sector is a key cause of inequality

'We know that the cost of childcare is a key concern for parents which is why the government has made an unprecedented investment in childcare over the past decade.' You can read the full response here.

Joeli Brearley, founder and CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed said: 'Since the Government dismissed the concerns of over 110,000 parents who are desperate for childcare reform in an email that was both disingenuous and patronising, we have been inundated with messages from mothers who are furious that they are being ignored, again!

'For years, parents, campaigners, charities and childcare professionals have been telling the Government that their paltry investment in our childcare sector is a key cause of inequality. More than half of all out of work mothers say they are unable to contribute to their family or the economy because of childcare cost and availability, thereby increasing child poverty and the gender pay gap. Good quality, accessible, affordable childcare is a means of freedom for women and it has huge benefits for our children. It is quite clear that Ministers couldn’t care less about either.

'This petition simply requested an independent review. All we want is evidence which supports some of the claims made by the Government. They are refusing to provide us with that evidence and instead they continue to gaslight us.

'We will not shut up and we will not go away.'


You can still sign the petition, here.

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