The Best Toddler Duvets For Sound Nights And Naptimes

Help your little one drift off to dreamland with a perfectly snug toddler duvet.

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If your child is somehow not so little anymore (it always catches us by surprise, too) you'll be on the lookout for the best toddler duvets to keep them comfy and cosy all night long. They'll have outgrown their much-loved sleeping bags or sleepsuits, and if you're moving them into a cot bedor a more grown-up kids bed with room to grow, a little duvet of their own will provide all the comfort they need to sleep like a baby, literally.

But at that awkward stage between a baby and a child, it can be a little tricky to know what type of duvet is best for your tot, and it doesn't help that they're not as easy to come by as you might expect.

Read the guide below to find the perfect duvet for your toddler that's the right size, fit and level of comfort to give them (and you) the best night's sleep possible.

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The Best Toddler Duvets

The White Company Super-Soft Ultra Wash Duvet 4.5 Tog1 of 4

The White Company Super-Soft Ultra Wash Duvet 4 Tog, £25

Another favourite from The White Company, this duvet has been designed specifically to be easy-washing and fast-drying, perfect for toddler bedding. This duvet is filled with smooth, flowing clusters of Smartfil polyester, which means it feels wonderfully soft, light and of fantastic quality.

Duvet2 of 4

La Redoute Interieurs Nature Duvet, Was £45, Now £27.60

This duvet is ideal if your home is well-insulated and your little one tends to get quite hot at night. The breathable organic cotton outer and hollow fibre RECYC'FILL filling will promote air circulation and reduce humidity accumulation, all whilst the GREENFIRST anti-mite treatment actively fights against mites and parasites.

The Little Green Sheep Organic Wool Cotbed Duvet, 120 x 140cm The Little Green Sheep Organic Wool Cotbed Duvet, 120 x 140cm The Little Green Sheep Organic Wool Cotbed Duvet, 120 x 140cm The Little Green Sheep Organic Wool Cotbed Duvet3 of 4

The Little Green Sheep Organic Wool Cotbed Duvet, £69.95

The Little Green Sheep Duvet has been handcrafted in the UK with certified British wool and a cotton casing that's purely organic, luxurious to the touch and naturally, temperature regulating for use all year round. The use of wool also creates an anti-allergy environment which will help to reduce any symptoms of allergies your little one may have.

Konges Slojd Organic Kapok Quilt Ecru, £784 of 4

Konges Slojd Organic Kapok Quilt Ecru, £74

Made from organic kapok, a natural fibre harvested from the trees grown wild in tropical forests, this duvet is ideal for sensitive babies and warmer homes - it's so lightweight, it's eight times lighter than cotton in fact. Plus, if you're looking for an eco-friendly option. this one is simply the best.

Things to consider in a toddler duvet

Important safety aspects

It might be tempting to get a toddler duvet early to tuck your little one into bed, but the NHS recommends that infants under 12 months should not use a duvet, cot quilt, or pillow as it could put your toddler at risk of suffocation.

The right tog for the right temperature

As well as being little tyrants during the day (where do they get their energy from?), toddlers can be extra active at night too, wriggling in their sleep, starfishing in bed, and waking up often and early to get your attention.

As a result of all this movement, they can get quite hot and sweaty at night, which isn't helped by the fact that at such a young age, they can't regulate their body temperature as well as we can.

To keep them comfortable, it's best to choose a lightweight option for your toddler's first duvet. Duvet Advisor recommends picking a 4.5 tog duvet for the summer and a 7/ 7.5 tog duvet for the winter. However, if you live in a newer build house or your home always feels quite toasty, you may only need a 4.5 tog duvet to use year-round with an extra blanket reserved for those colder nights.

Look for natural, washable materials

Another way to help your toddler stay cool at night is to choose a toddler duvet covered in natural fibres such as cotton, which are also best for children's more sensitive skin. The duvet filling can be made from synthetic fibres or natural ones such as feather and down, but if your child suffers from asthma or is prone to getting sniffles during the night, you may want to consider an anti-allergy duvet that'll help them achieve the undisturbed slumber they need.

You should also choose a duvet that is washable and can dry quickly whether that's in the tumble dryer or hung out on the line. There are bound to be little accidents in the night and bouts of sickness so a washable duvet is a must to keep their duvet clean and fresh night after night.

Choose the right size for your toddler's bed

The most common and universal size for a toddler duvet is 120 x 150cm, but it's important you choose the right size duvet for your toddler's bed. If your little one is still in their cot, you’ll want to make sure they have a cot bed duvet rather than a toddler or single-sized duvet as excess material could cause them to overheat.

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