The Reactions To Anne-Marie Falling Over On Stage At The Brit Awards Were the Best Bit Of The Night

Everyone has been calling the singer’s tumble the most interesting and admirable part of the night.

Anne-Marie Fall Brits

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You might have thought after Madonna’s famous fall backwards down the stairs at the 2015 Brit Awards that the ceremony would have banned stairs (and capes) during performances. But this year Anne-Marie followed in The Queen Of Pop’s wobbly footsteps when she tripped down the stairs while performing Kiss My (Uh-Oh) in front of 20,000 people.

Taking her dancer’s hand, Anne-Marie lost her footing as she walked down onto the stage and accidentally landed on both knees in an admirably graceful position. Not missing even one word of the lyrics, she continued her performance as if it was all part of the routine.

This is an unbelievable feat as even Madonna needed a couple of moments to catch her breath after her on-stage fall. By continuing on her performance with a grin on her face and barely a shake in her voice, Anne-Marie has exemplified herself as a next level pop star.

‘Gotta give it to Anne Marie for carrying on so effortlessly. Every time I’ve stacked it in the exact same manner I’ve simply wanted to pass away,’ wrote one fan on Twitter. ‘Anne Marie you are my little girls fave. Carrying on like that after falling. She's impressed, and you showed anything is possible when you try and push on. Hope you are ok,’ added another user. ‘Think Anne-Marie styled that out well, props to her, true pro,’ echoed a third.

The moment entirely won over the support of the internet and as a tribute to the mishap, someone even set up a Twitter account for ‘Anne-Marie’s left ankle’ where they’ve offered mock updates of the singer’s physical welfare, writing: ‘Wow. Bit shaken up but I’m ok. Bit bruised but with a bit of ice should be fine xxx.’

Loving the internet’s response to her fall, Anne-Marie re-shared the post adding: ‘I AM DEAD.’

Clearly, the key to side-stepping embarrassment is to always be able to laugh at yourself and Anne-Marie has also nailed this part of recovery. ‘Didn’t need my left ankle anyway,’ she tweeted after the performance, to which Specsavers hilariously wrote back: ‘Your next visit’s on us x’

‘I’ll be in touch,’ Anne-Marie replied.

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