Is Woolworths Reopening? Or Is It A Prank? Everything You Need To Know About Whether The Store Is Coming Back To The UK

Is it true? Or is it a prank? Either way, we now want pick n mix.

Woolworths reopening

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Is Woolworths coming back? Or is this an elaborate prank to make 2020 even worse than it already is?

An account this morning claimed that Woolworths is set to return to the High Street at the end of 2021.

But now, with the account not verified and only set up recently, people are wondering if it could all just be a prank.

The Woolworths news came via a new Twitter account launched this week, saying: 'Here to save 2020! Woolworths is coming back to your high street, as a physical store!'

Woolworths, which closed its final 199 shops in the UK on 6 January, 2009, would, it said, reopen in late 2021 with three trial stores. But it didn't say where those stores might be.

Mostly we were just wondering, PLEASE by the time end of 2021 comes, we might have a vaccine that would mean the pick n mix is back?! PLEASE.

However, people now think the whole thing could be an elaborate/random prank. For instance, it's not clear yet who is behind the alleged rebirth. The online Woolworths store, they say, is owned by Very, and the account says some contracts still need to be signed.

It looks like the team behind the account decided to make the announcement after Twitter user @theequalitydan posted pictures of old Woolworths stores yesterday, and the post went viral.

There was also this post yesterday...

Around 27,000 people lost their jobs when the store - a High Street favourite - closed 807 stores in 2009 and they were unable to find a buyer. That year, Littlewoods owners Shop Direct bought the trademark and sold from, but it was closed in 2015 and it became rolled in, according to the Retail Gazette. It's now being reported that Very are unaware of anything along these lines.

Regardless, should you really be having a nostalgic yearning for Woolies, we've got good news for you. On eBay there is a LOT of random Woolworth merch to be found. Whether you'll actually want to buy it or not... we'll leave that with you.


We Miss Woolworths... And You Can Still Buy Some (Really Weird) Woolies Merch on Ebay

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay1 of 14

A Woolworths Carrier Bag

If you though 5p was expensive for a plastic bag, why not pay £4.99 for one? The irony of the 'Well Worth It' logo on this bag is very much lost on the seller we expect...

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay2 of 14

A Photo Of The Back Of An Old Woolworths

There are actually a lot of pictures of old Woolworths buildings (today and in 90s yesteryear) available on eBay, but this one wins for being THE BACK of a FORMER store.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay3 of 14

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay

Undoubtedly the best thing about Woolworths was the Pick 'n' Mix and there are a lot of different bags and cups available on ebay - this one was our era and really gives us a craving for a sticky strawberry lace that 68 people have already touched.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay4 of 14

Woolworths Receipt from 2002

No bids so far, can't believe it.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay5 of 14

Woolworths Till Roll

Why have a receipt when you can have your very own till roll? THAT is the question.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay6 of 14

Tiles From A Woolworths Shop

Because nothing says HashtagInstagramBathroom, like some tiles stolen from the front of a Woolworths that's been closed down.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay7 of 14

A Woolworths Envelope

Why not totally mess with someone's head by sending them a letter from 20 years ago, saying they've won a competition to meet Liberty X at the St Ives Woolworths? Actually, that's funny, that is worth £1.99.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay8 of 14

A Woolworths Job Rejection Letter

Or send them this? VERY RARE.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay9 of 14

£10 Woolworths Voucher

Are you one of those people who always keeps vouchers and forgets to spend them? No worries, apparently you can sell them on ebay...

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay10 of 14

Roll Of Woolworths Stickers

'Was £3.99, now... totally unavailable because the shop has closed.'

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay11 of 14
CREDIT: ebay

A Woolworths Chocolate Bar, Without The Chocolate

You know what's better than sex? Chocolate. And you know what's better than chocolate? Some chocolate bar packaging for some own-brans chocolate without the actually chocolate.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay12 of 14
CREDIT: ebay

A Woolworths Tote Bag

Ok, we actually really want this one (seriously), so please don't bid against us.

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay13 of 14
CREDIT: ebay

A Woolworths Smoking Bin

Why have an outdoor ashtray, when this little beauty could be popped on your balcony?

Weird Woolworths Merch On Ebay14 of 14
CREDIT: ebay

Wooly Worth Sheep

Don't pretend this is for the kids...

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