Here’s Where You Can Buy The Women’s Euros Ball And Lionesses Training Kit

It’s what everyone’s searching for to truly show off their support for the Lionesses…

Womens Euros Ball

by Georgia Aspinall |

Right now, England are currently taking on Germany in the UEFA Women’s Championships in front of a sold-out Wembley audience of near 90,000 – an attendance record in a European Championship – and guess what’s trending on Google? The football they’re playing with. That’s right, ‘Women’s Euro Ball’ is a breakout search term right now with everyone looking to purchase the one-of-a-kind ball designed for the women’s team.

Here's where to buy the Women's Euros ball

The women’s Euros ball cutely arrived onto the pitch in a mini-Volkswagen remote control car, notable right away for its purple, pink and blue design. Created for the England team’s Euros tournament, Nike describes the ball as ‘honed over 8 years and 1,700 hours of testing, this football is a revolution in consistent flight. Moulded grooves and a grippy texture reduce unexpected movement through the air to help you put the ball where you want it.’

It's no wonder people are searching for ‘women’s Euros ball’ then, and if you’re hoping to play with it yourself you’re in luck, it’s available to purchase for £119. Just head over to the Nike website to pick one up yourself.


Women's Euros Ball

Women's Euros Ball
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Here's where to buy the Lionesses kit

Want to go the whole hog and get the England shirt? That’s available on Nike too, for £74.95. Check it out here. You wouldn’t be the only one. ‘Lionesses training kit’ is also a breakout search term on Google as the UK hopes to represent just how much they’re behind the women’s team.


Lioness kit

Lioness shirt
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England have had an incredible tournament so far, beating Sweden 4-0 in a tense semi-final game that saw sub Alessia Russo score the goal of the match. And after the Euros? They’re headed straight to the World Cup qualifiers in September, playing Austria then Luxembourg at the group stages. So, whether you’re celebrating their ongoing success or hoping to expand your Lioness wardrobe, there’s plenty of reasons to invest in a Lioness kit.

Go Lionesses!

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