Who Is Laure Ferrari, Nigel Farage’s Girlfriend?

As he wins his first seat in parliament people are wondering who the Reform UK leader's girlfriend is.

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Well, he's finally been elected and won a seat in parliamentafter eight attempts. That's right, we've all woken up to the news that Nigel Farage is the new MP for Clacton. It comes as support for his party, Reform UK, surged in the election, gaining them four seats.

On his last day of campaigning, Farage referred to himself as being ‘part of a similar phenomenon’ to viral misogynist influencer Andrew Tate, who is accused of producing hateful content toward women and inciting misogyny among his young male followers, which makes any Reform UK gains worrying.

Almost as notorious as Nigel Farage’s political career is his love life – with his 'secret' girlfriend Laure Ferrari jetting off to Australia to support the politician in his I’m A Celeb experience last year.

Since then rumoured girlfriend Laure Ferrari confirmed she is indeed dating Farage – setting those ‘secret’ girlfriend rumours straight.

In case you’re wondering who Laure is, how she met the politician and exactly when Nigel left his wife, we’ve got the answers. Here’s everything to know about the former UKIP leader’s flame, Laure Ferrari.

Who is Laure Ferrari?

Laura is a French politician who ran the think-tank Insitute for Direct Democracy in Europe (IDDE).

How old is Laure Ferrari?

While Nigel is 59 years old, Laure is 44. Born on 6 October, 1979, this makes her a Libra. FYI, astrology says Laure’s cultured Libra can be the perfect match to Nigel’s sometimes brash Aries….

How did Laure Ferrari and Nigel Farage meet?

Nigel reportedly met Laure back in 2007, while she was working as a waitress in Starsbourg. After meeting, Nigel gave the 28-year-old her first job in politics – working as a parliamentary assistant in charge of environmental issues.

Did Nigel Farage and Laure Ferrari work together?

The pair did begin working together in European parliament.

Laure was also previously head of the think-tank IDDE, which were accused of illegally diverting public money to benefit UKIP in 2017. The party were out under investigation by the Electoral Commission watchdog for allegedly taking a total of £400,000 in donations from the think-tank and an affiliated political alliance, ahead of the General Election and the EU referendum.

When did Nigel Farage and Laure Ferrari start dating?

Amid the accusations of IDDE funds in 2017, the pair were seen having a drink together at a London pub – with Laure moving into Nigel’s £4 million Cheshire home as his ‘lodger.’

 At the time, Nigel denied any rumours of a relationship, saying, ‘She is someone I have worked with and known for a long time who wanted somewhere to stay for a week that wouldn't cost her any money.’

‘It's a working relationship. You can inflate it however you want to.’

Later, the pair were spotted slow-dancing at a party thrown to celebrate the Brexit vote’s one-year anniversary, where one guest claimed the pair ‘twerked’ together. As if Nigel’s stint on the show hasn’t burned our brains with his butt enough.

Is Nigel Farage married?

Now, this is where it gets murky. If the rumours are indeed true, then this campmate is a man in demand.

Laure has allegedly been in an ongoing spat with Nigel’s former mistress, Annabel Fuller (who has claimed her own 12-year affair with Nigel started in 2004.)

When Nigel was rushed to hospital after his plane crash, Annabel claimed she rushed to the hospital to see him – only to find Nigel’s second wife and Laure were already there.

Two years later, it was alleged that Laure sent Annabel an email, writing that British women are ‘drunken tarts [who] put themselves in embarrassing situations with well-known married men whom they kiss in public, while French women can be ‘very discreet and respectful hiding a sincere love affair for 3 years and 6 months… not looking for any kind of publicity at all.’

In amidst all of this, let’s not forget Nigel’s actual wife - Kirsten Mehr. Nigel married German-born Kirsten in 1999, following his divorce from his first wife.

The pair have two children together – as well as Nigel sharing two children with his first wife Grainne Hayes – with the politician reportedly splitting his time between the family’s Kent home and his London house.

The pair split in 2017, shortly after Laure was moved into Nigel’s London house. Since then, Kirsten has insisted the pair were ‘living seperater lives’ for years before their split.

She said at the time, ‘My husband and I have lived separate lives for some years, and he moved out of the family home a while ago.’

‘This is a situation that suits everyone and is not news to any of the people involved.’

As of November 2023, the pair are understood to not have divorced.

What has Laure Ferrari said about Nigel Farage, and will she greet him when he leaves the jungle?

Rumours have swirled since 2017, but it seems the pair have finally confirmed their romance in light of Nigel’s I’m A Celeb stint.

Laure was spotted in Australia, confirming their six-year relationship as she flew to meet him.

And last month, Laure opened up about her relationship with the former UKIP leader. Talking to The Mail, she said, ‘I can see it as my duty to support him. When he was invited on to I'm A Celebrity, we talked about it. I saw it as a massive opportunity for him to shine.’

‘He was more thoughtful about it. He consulted his family and friends. It was a team effort that got him to appear.’

But despite the conflicting reports online, it’s now thought that Laure won’t be meeting Nigel on camera in Australia. Despite the world’s interest in the controversial politician’s love life, it’s said Nigel is keen to keep his private life exactly that: private.

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