The New WhatsApp Update Stops Notifications From Muted Conversations And Thank God

If you've ever been a member of a hen-do WhatsApp group, you'll love this...

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by Georgia Aspinall |

If there is one WhatsApp feature we’ve revelled in the use of, it’s 'mute conversation'. But until now, there was one major flaw with it: you were still notified of chat activity on your home screen.

Thankfully, WhatsApp have realised the error of their ways and updated the app so that we will no longer be daunted by that tiny red number, and we have never been so grateful.

Previously, muting a conversation or group chat meant that your phone would not vibrate of play a notification sound upon activity. However, that anxiety-inducing red number would still appear on your home screen to let you know: you can mute the hen do group chat all you want but the maid of honour is still alive and well, harassing you about that £1000 2-day trip to Barcelona you can’t afford.

With the notification gone, you can remain blissfully unaware of whatever evil is gathering in such chats, be it the hen-do chat, the work group chat or just the annoying friend that has a new boyfriend drama every day and must share it with you.

The move has been applauded by many, because let’s be honest, the notification badge largely rendered the mute feature pointless until now. Not only did it serve as a distraction whenever you looked at your home-screen, it also forced you to acknowledge that you still need to reply to an 80-chat conversation about someone’s boring work drama.

'Whatsapp no longer showing notification badges for muted groups is the best update ever,' one user tweeted in response to the news - with hundreds liking the tweet.

However, the update only affects iOS users. On Android, WhatsApp has always had a separate ‘show notifications’ toggle that allows you to turn them on or off when muting a chat. So really, in the Android vs iOS great debate, Android users have been winning for a long time in that respect.

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