Is The House Of Hooper Instagram Account The Next Project From Mother And Father Of Daughters?

The page, set up under the handle @TheHouseofHooper, looks like it may be a side project from the famous Instagram couple.

Clemmie and Simon Hooper

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A new Instagram account has been set up under the handle @TheHouseofHooper and it appears to have been created by famous parentfluencers and interior fans, Clemmie and Simon Hooper. The pair, otherwise known as Mother and Father of Daughters, and popular for their interiors and parenting content, have had a turbulent few months, to say the least. Not been keeping up?

First, at the end of last year, it was uncovered that Clemmie had been at the centre of an Instagram trolling scandal, using the fake pseudonym AliceInWanderlust on the site Tattle.Life to tear down other bloggers and mothers. Next, fans criticised Simon for his sponsored International Women’s Day post, where he was paid to run a campaign with AXA Insurance about showing your support for the women in your life. He this week apologised for the ad, after campaigners criticised he and AXA for choosing a man to host an IWD campaign. While it doesn't appear AXA have apologised yet, Simon did on his Instagram, saying he made 'a mistake, an error of judgment, and a poor decision'.

But back to the new account, which is believed to have been active since the beginning of March, although remains private at present. There’s no conclusive evidence as of yet to confirm that this account is legitimately the Hoopers posting, but the bio of the account does read, ‘Making a House a Family Home: Interiors, design and home renovation from @father_of_daughters’.

A lot of eagle-eyed fans have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns that if it is a new move from the pair, it may be a way for Clemmie to start using the social networking site for business again, just under the guise of being Simon. She deleted her own account back in December amid the trolling scandal. Whether this was her decision or Instagram’s—the platform sometimes deactivates accounts when they receive a certain number of complaints—is still unknown.

Others highlighted old stories shared from Simon’s account, showing the inside of their house and captions indicating uncertainty about where paint, wall hangings and other items are actually from. Some fans believe this makes it slightly suspicious that Simon would launch his own platform solely focused on interiors, when it’s never been his speciality in the past.

Fans share their opinions about new TheHouseOfHooper Instagram account
©ScouseRachel Twitter
Fans share their opinions about new TheHouseOfHooper Instagram account
©SchouseRachel Twitter

Others debated whether the account was actually made by the Hoopers, with @sazzalop replying: ‘It's like a spoof account.’

Keen to find out? The account is private for the time being, but we’re sure if it is a genuine side project of the Hooper’s, they’ll be announcing it to fans in due course.

Watch this space..

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