No, Brie Larson Was Not Part Of The Group Kiss Between Taika Waititi, Rita Ora And Tessa Thompson

But the internet certainly wishes she was...


by Georgia Aspinall |

Just when we thought 2021’s celebrity couplings couldn’t come any more out of left field, Tessa Thompson has flown in – Valkyrie style – to turn things up a notch. Over the course of the weekend, she was spotted dining with Rita Ora and new-boyfriend Taika Waititi in Sydney, Australia… and they were all eating more than was on their plates (a visual I already regret).

That’s right, paparazzi have managed to catch the trio kissing each other’s faces off in a series of pictures that seem to imply they’re in some sort of throuple. Cue an internet meltdown in the form of 1000 questions. Are they actually in a polyamorous relationship? Or was this just a hot one-night stand threesome we’ll never see again? And most importantly, where the hell was our invite??

We might not be the only one asking that last one, at least according to social media. Fans of the Marvel franchise have long been shipping Tessa Thompson with Brie Larson, or at least their characters Valkyrie and Captain Marvel together, and with Taika directing the upcoming Thor sequel there’s a whole lot of workplace romance going on that everyone wishes Brie was a part of.

We should note that the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder is exactly why Tessa and Taika are in Sydney together right now (Rita isn't in the film, she just appears to be living her best life) and with rumours that Brie may be starring in it too - it's all very hush, hush right now - she could very well be hiding out in Sydney somewhere while her co-stars get off with each other.

Of course, dropping Brie’s name into the mix has also gotten everyone confused – particularly those who aren’t up to date on Marvel fanfiction (I mean God guys, get it together, what are you… a grown woman or something?). That’s probably why ‘Taika Waititi Brie Larson’ is currently a breakout search term on Google, as is ‘Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson’ and ‘Tessa Thompson partner’.

Unfortunately, the Googler’s will be remiss to note that Brie is not in fact part of the Tessa Thompson, Rita Ora, Taika Waititi group kissing scenario. Nor, does it seem, are her and Tessa dating in real life (one can only dream). But that doesn’t mean the memes aren’t hilarious...

Speaking of great memes, here’s some more of the best reactions to the Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi, Rita threesome for your Monday morning pleasure…

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