The Internet Is Obsessed With The Bag For Life Lawyer

Arguably a new sustainability influencer...

Steve Castor

by Lillian Sesiguzel |
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The impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump withholding military aid is still under investigation. Yesterday's hearing started at 9am, but before things kicked off, one lawyer stole the show. Introducing Steve Castor, Republican, American trial attorney and as of yesterday, sustainable fashion icon.

Like most lawyers, Castor confidently strutted into the courtroom ready for the televised hearing. Unlike most lawyers, he proudly placed his bag for life on the desk, before proceeding to take several documents out. The phrase, be a shepherd not a sheep, springs to mind, as Castor clearly dances to the rhythm of his own drum.

Aside from Castor being an obvious trend-setter, we're all wondering what the real reason is behind his sustainable fashion statement, so we've created a selection of motives below, enjoy.

1. His briefcase was in the wash

How do you wash a briefcase? Should you wash a briefcase? Surely you don't put it in a washing machine...

2. His dog ate his briefcase

That old chestnut...

3. Briefcases are so last year

In a time where most suits are wearing trendy Eastpak and Sandqvist backpacks, Castor recognises the death of the briefcase. You can't even fit that much in one anyway...

4. #Sponcon

Maybe it's an American thing, but they might have sponsored Steve. After all he does have a strong online presence on both Twitter and Instagram... (tumbleweed) #ad #gifted #productplacement

5. He was late for work ( we've all been there)

We've all been there, when you're rushing around, can't find your car keys, piece of toast hanging from your mouth, and you shove everything in a bag you've found stuff in the corner of the kitchen. To paraphrase Chris Crocker, 'LEAVE STEVE CASTOR ALONE.'


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