The Internet Is Obsessed With This Woman Who Refused To Be Exclusive Until Her Partner Proposed


The Internet Is Obsessed With This Woman Who Refused To Be Exclusive Until Her Partner Proposed

by Rebecca Reid |

There's nothing we like more than a peek inside someone else's life - best of all their relationship. Today's absolute joy is the woman who refused to be exclusive with the man she was involved with until he proposed to her.

Writing for HuffPost, Sami Wunder explains that two months into the relationship her boyfriend asked, 'Could we get exclusive and officially be a couple?' And where lots of people would have been pleased, Wunder said no.

'At first, this was a shock for him' she writes. 'I remember his face turning pale when I told him that while I felt flattered by his offer, I did not want to be any man’s girlfriend. In my mind, boyfriend-girlfriend was an excellent arrangement for teenagers, but not for me – I wanted to commit to a man who saw me as his forever woman.'

If you think that's wild then hold on to your hat. 'I was determined to not let any man "test drive" me, see if I was "wife material" and wait around on tippy toes until he’d made his decision about me. I let Chris know that what we had felt special but I would be keeping my options open and seeing other men until he had decided what he wanted for us long-term.'

Wunder, who now works as a dating and relationship expert and encourages other women to attempt 'rotational dating', which is where you keep seeing multiple people for non-sexual dates until one of the people you're seeing suggests that you make a serious commitment to each other.

'What was miraculous about not saying yes to exclusivity was that I felt free and not obligated to any one man unless he knew what we wanted for us for the future. In my heart, I felt "single" unless I had a ring on my finger, and I felt happy and in love with the man who was offering it' she writes.

The idea of telling someone that you'll be dating other people until they propose might sound absolutely wild (or even a bit cruel) and there are plenty of people on Twitter who have shared the piece objecting to the concept of convincing someone to propose to you by continuously dating other people, noting how much work continuous dating must be. But, however extreme the tactics are, it seems to have 'worked' for Sami and Chris, who have been together for seven years and are married with a child together. So if you're struggling to get your latest Hinge squeeze to lock it down, maybe give rotational dating a Google?

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