Simon Hooper AKA Father Of Daughters, Apologises Over Controversial International Women’s Day Ad

The instagrammer has apologised and taken down a controversial advert he posted on International Women's Day.

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Blogger Simon Hooper, known as Father of Daughters, has removed a controversial Instagram ad after many complained to the insurance company that they'd used a man to push their International Women's Day campaign.

In a post this morning, he wrote: 'A mistake, an error of judgement, a poor decision - however you want to describe it, I made it and now I want to own it.

'The last ad I did has caused some understandable upset & I want you to know that I've read, listened & reflected on it. I realise I didn't give enough thought to how people would perceive this campaign and I take responsibility for that.'

'While my intentions were positive, I recognise I was short sighted to how this could cause offence.

I made a mistake that I've had to learn a hard lesson from and it will help shape my use of this platform going forwards. It never was or has been my intention to offend anyone on here, but for those that it did, I'm truly sorry.'

The advert caused widespread complaints on Twitter on Sunday, International Women's Day.

The original post
The original post ©@father_of_daughters

The advert saw Simon Hooper fronting a message from AXA about how he wants his four daughters to feel as if they are equal and empowered. It was accompanied by a reworked Nas track, whose lyrics tell the listener that you can be anything in the world if you work hard at it.

As many were quick to point out, Nas has had domestic abuse allegations levelled against him, which he strongly denies.

It's not the first time the family have been embroiled in an Instagram controversy. Last year Simon's wife, Clemmie Hooper, aka Mother Of Daughters, left Instagramafter it was revealed she'd been using blogger site Tattle Life with a fake name to talk about fellow mumfluencers.

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