Samira Mighty On Why She Wants Luke T And Siannise To Win Love Island

‘They look honest with each other; the winner needs honesty. You can see through people’s fakeness.'

Samira Mighty

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Two summers ago, we spent every night watching her laugh, cry and steal hearts as a contestant on season four of Love Island. Now? Well, she’s barely finding time to watch this year's show.

‘I haven’t really been watching it. I’ve been quite busy. But from what I’ve seen on Twitter it looks quite fun. I’ve been really busy and every time I come in, I don’t really catch it,’ Samira Mighty tells me. ‘To be honest, I don’t know anyone’s names.’

That’s not to say the 24-year-old from London doesn’t look back on her time in the villa fondly: ‘It is so much fun and I do miss it; who doesn’t miss being in a hot country surrounded by fit people? I loved it so much.’

During her time, however, she had a wobble, tearing up at one point when she heard her crush Frankie Foster fancied fellow contestant Megan Barton-Hanson instead. On this series, Nas Majeed, who is south-Asian, found himself in a similar position for a time, where he was the only person not being chosen. Some have suggested racism is at play here, where black or Asian contestants are less likely to be picked first. What does Samira think about the fact Nas wasn’t picked much?

‘It’s a difficult one, because if someone’s not your type in there, they’re not your type,’ she says, pointing out that when Nas did get eventually get picked, he did really well.

You naturally compare yourself to each other because people are stealing each other’s boyfriends and girlfriends.

Before this happened, though, she adds: ‘He probably felt a bit left out and [had] low self-esteem, but you’ve got to remember you’re on Love Island.’

Does she think beauty standards have changed this year?

‘I’m not sure. Everyone is super different in the villa. You naturally compare yourself to each other because people are stealing each other’s boyfriends and girlfriends, you naturally go “why me?”’.

Every Islander knows they need to act fast when they leave the show and milk their moment in the spotlight. Samira’s advice to this year’s contestants is for them not to pass up on any opportunities that come their way.

‘Take every opportunity with open hands, be nice to people, don’t take [to heart] what people say about you online,’ she says. ‘Embrace what you’ve got and use every opportunity you can. You don’t want to pass up on anything big or small because you don’t know what it could lead to.’

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She certainly hasn’t: after appearing on The X-factor: Celebrity last year, she’s pursuing her dream of becoming a singer and will be releasing a song this year. She’s also recording a podcast called Loose Lips with Jorgie Porter, where they discuss news, celebrities and everything in between.

From the little amount of catching up she has managed to do of this year’s series she wants Luke Trotman and Siannise Fudge to win. ‘They look honest with each other; the winner needs honesty,’ she says. ‘You can see through people’s fakeness.’

Get your weekly gossip on news, celebrities & current affairs with outspoken opinions from Samira Mighty & Jorgie Porter via the Loose Lips podcast, available every Monday & Thursday across all podcast providers!

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