We Asked Scaffolders How They Feel About Shaughna’s Love Island Comments

Shaughna's comments about 'never trusting a scaffolder' drew OFCOM complaints, but what do actual scaffolders think?

Shaughna and Callum on their first date

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Winter Love Island has drawn complaints to television regulators OFCOM – not because of something predictable like sex or swearing, but rather because of comments made by 25 year-old Shaughna, who said: ‘I’m happy for Callum. I should have never trusted a scaffolder anyway.’

Unsurprisingly, the scaffolding community weren’t best pleased about her comment. While she was apparently making reference to her ex-boyfriend who was also a scaffolder, the comment did seem to vilify scaffolders at large. According to newspaper reports, Ofcom has had multiple complaints since she made the scaffold-phobic comment. But she’s got the rest of the UK asking: is that actually a thing? Do scaffolders have a reputation for being untrustworthy? And if so, why are they in such a dangerous job? Does working with heavy bits of metal at a significant height require a certain devil-may-care personality type, perhaps?

According to Connor Green, who works for his family scaffolding company, it is true that scaffolders have a bit of a reputation. He tells Grazia: ‘I can see why scaffs get a bad reputation as we’re known for not really giving a shit about other trades on site. Generally, a lot of scaffolders have been in prison and just had a bit of a reputation in the past!’

[NB: While there aren’t any official statistics to illustrate what percentage of scaffolders have previously been to prison, it’s true that some prisons such as HMP Brixton offer scaffolding training.]

Clearly the perception of scaffolders as being untrustworthy does go further than Shaughna’s Love Island comment. Connor says: ‘If you put yourself down as a scaffolder when insuring your car it costs a lot more than say if you put a painter and decorator so there’s obviously a stereotype.’

However, the risk-taking aspects of scaffolding don’t necessarily transfer into romantic behaviour. Connor says: I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years. So it’s not true that all scaffolders are untrustworthy in relationships.’

His girlfriend of ten year, Charlotte, adds: ‘I think it’s a false representation of scaffolders to suggest that they are untrustworthy, and very unfair to assume that based on a job.’

CheckATrade.com did an investigation into the trust people have in scaffolders after Shaughna’s comments, and found that scaffolders are just as trustworthy as any other trade, with an average rating of 9.8 out of 10 on site for courtesy and workmanship, which they claim shows ‘Shaughna’s comments might be somewhat unfair’.

We contacted the Scaffolding Association to ask whether the scaffolding union had taken an official position on Shaugna’s statement. They were unable to comment, telling us that they couldn’t speak for the thousands of scaffolders across the UK.

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