Are You Being Roached? This Is The New Dating Trend To Look Out For

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Another term has been added to our vocabulary of dating slang, to keep ‘stashing’, ‘ghosting’ and ‘catfishing’ company: ‘roaching’. A gross word that conjures up images of, well, roaches, it was recently coined by AskMen.

To paint the picture: having met someone you genuinely spark with, you begin that old dance that is dating, seeing more and more of each other until you start to feel really quite invested. The apple of your eye then drops a bomb: they are seeing someone else – after all, they didn't think your relationship was exclusive.

So there it is – roaching. Where there’s one cockroach, a dozen more are lurking – hence the name of this trend, which implies your date might be hiding countless other sexual encounters from you (and anyway, cockroaches are just as nasty as this kind of behaviour).

The boundaries of dating etiquette are so blurred that it might be easy for ‘roachers’ to make excuses, but, as AskMen points out, the responsibility should always be on the person dating multiple others to make this fact clear – as a common courtesy, if nothing else.

If you have been roached, you’re in good company – but at least you'll have a word to describe it now.

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