Poundland Is Selling Placeholder Engagement Rings And We’re Really Into It

If you trust your partner to find the perfect engagement ring, then that's just great. But for everyone else? Enter: the placeholder engagement ring...

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by Georgia Aspinall |
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The proposal business is currently booming, and now Poundland are jumping in on the fun by selling a line of engagement rings. Yes, really. You can now buy an engagement ring from Poundland for, you guessed it, £1.

The cubic zirconia rings, complete with fake gem stones on top, come in four different styles, one of which even has a red heart shaped stone - just incase you didn't know this is meant to signify love. Another has a diamond-shaped blue stone, the third and fourth both with diamond-esque stones in the middle, one with a gold band and the other silver. While the rings have gone viral online for all the wrong reasons, Poundland actually has a very specific intention behind the collection: to create placeholder rings.

Describing each rings as a 'beautiful placeholder', the idea is that your partner proposes with a cheap - let's be honest, quite shit - ring so you can embark on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring together. The notion has many asking the idea, are placeholder rings a massive cop-out or actually really romantic?

Yes, you would hope that if you're spending the rest of your life with one person they know your jewellery tastes well enough to pick the perfect ring on their own. But, let's be pragmatic, how many of us secretly would love to pick our own rings? Hell, it's on OUR finger for the rest of our life.

Judging by the public reaction, we're not the only ones who'd love to be involved in the ring choosing process.

Of course, there is one major flaw, and it could ruin the entire proposal. If you're proposing with a placeholder ring, surely immediately after confessing your undying love for another person, getting down on one knee and slowly opening the box you would then feel obliged to scream 'THIS IS JUST TEMPORARY' before they have a chance to answer? Just a slight mood-killer.

Then again, it's a great way to find out whether your partner wants to marry you, or just wants to be married. Think about it, if they say yes to a Poundland ring, you know they're in it for good.

Either way, the rings are available for Valentines Day for you to take on the experiment for yourself. Frankly, we can't wait for our Instagram feeds to be filled with 'I said YES' Poundland ring selfies...

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