A Job Advert For An Influencer’s Assistant Is Going Viral For How Absolutely Ridiculous It Is

The influencer, with over 10million followers, demands the ‘ability to compartmentalize emotion’ from potential employees (and more)

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by Georgia Aspinall |
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A job advertisement for a popular influencer’s personal assistant has gone viral for how ridiculous the requirements and responsibilities are. Posted on Twitter last week, the advert lists more than 20 responsibilities including being on call 24/7.

Spotted by New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz on Entertainment Careers, Lorenz posted a screenshot of the advert – which has since been removed – on Twitter with eye emojis. The advert begins by stating a ‘well known celebrity/influencer with 10+million followers is seeking a well-organized/available/diligent personal assistant to join her team’.

Paying £19-23 per hour, the role demands the assistant be on the influencers property eight hours a day but available 24/7 including to drive them to parties. They must also wake the influencer with any requests – including coffee – daily, pack and unpack their bags ‘constantly’ and ‘generally expect to be with the client all the time’ noting ‘minimal days off’.

As well as a fun social media editor role – planning and preparing all content as well as analysing performance- the job demands the assistant perform ‘all personal day to day tasks’ and handle ‘hundreds of small tasks at once’.

But wait, it’s not over yet.. oh no. The sheer ridiculous comes with the emotional demands on the assistant. ‘You must be able to be the bad guy, remove emotion and bounce back instantly from any mistakes’, have the ‘ability to compartmentalize emotion and remain professional, calm…and quiet at all times’.

You cannot seem to be driven by fame.

The influencers insecurities also seep through in the job advert, stating that while the assistant must be social and inviting in very high profile environments (but always sober, mind you), they cannot ‘take photos, post to social media or be/seem to be driven by fame’.

All this for ($30) £23 an hour and no benefits – in the US of all places. As many have pointed out online, the responsibilities of this job equal at least three separate roles – social media manager, personal assistant and brand manager it seems – with the added benefit of being their maid and butler. ‘This job should pay $60+/hr and 24/7 availability is really a salaried job,’ one social media user commented. ‘This should pay upwards of 130k a year, but this is ~50k.’

As well as obsessing over the sheer ludicrousness of the ad, people are of course desperate to know which popular influencer is demanding all of this. Based in Los Angeles, the home of the influencer, it could truly be anyone. ‘Can someone apply to this just so we can find out who it is?’ comedy writer Jesse McLaren requested. With over one thousand people in agreement if the tweets likes are anything to go by, it seems we might find out very soon.

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