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Peanut’s New Feature Is Giving Mumsnet A Run For Its Money

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Social media is becoming more and more savvy at connecting people, whether it’s using Tinder for dating or Badoo for making friends, there are more apps than ever creating relationships – further still, relationships specific to who you are. There’s apps for foodies, gym bunnies, you can even meet your neighbours via an app- because it’s just too much hard work to knock on a door. One app that could actually do more than just connect people, however, is Peanut. The app for mothers, it provides a space not just to introduce mums but also share experiences, learn from one another and ask those all-important motherhood questions.

Peanut’s latest feature, Pages, is doing exactly that. Essentially an explore page, it takes the app from ‘Tinder for mums’ to a whole new level, enabling mums to ask and answer questions, share experiences and converse with its 200,000-strong network. With headings like ‘work & money’, ‘is it ok…?’ and ‘love & sex’, the feature breaks down your interests to keep your timeline from overflowing with too much information.

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Using algorithms to show relevant content, the app is becoming more personal than ever, enabling you to see content curated around your interests. But why not just Google your questions, you may ask. Peanut provides a more personal community, where you can receive answers to important questions in real time, from mums you trust. The app promises to go beyond the current forums and Facebook groups, that they consider ‘fragmented’ and ‘outdated’, providing a fresh way to connect for mums as generations continue to grow with technology.

According to Peanut founder, Michelle Kennedy, who was instrumental in the creation of Bumble and Badoo, the idea for the app came after she struggled to meet other mothers she could relate to after her son was born. The new feature is, therefore, an extension of that wish to connect like-minded mums. She told Grazia Daily:

‘I felt compelled to create Pages for one simple reason, women have incredible insight and information, and I want to hear it. I want to learn from it, I want to enter into debates and conversations, and discuss all of the areas of womanhood with fellow mothers. There is no single platform I can currently do that on, not in a way which has a tech infrastructure, which is smart, which is easy.’

The app is currently free to download on IOS and Android.

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