All Of The Leaked Videos And Latest Revelations About The Alleged Downing Street Christmas Party

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Jacob Rees-Mogg and Allegra Stratton

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If there was ever a scandal to break the Tory party, it had to involve cheese and wine. The alleged Downing Street ‘do last Christmas is all anyone can talk about right now, with new information coming out all day. But among all the new quotes from Dominic Cummings and now leaked videos of Jacob Rees-Mogg, there is confusion among the chaos – so we’re here to clear it up.

Right now, all anyone is Googling is variations of ‘No 10 Downing Street Christmas party video’, alongside specific searches for the ‘Allegra Stratton Christmas party video’ and ‘Jacob Rees Mogg video’. With so much coming out from different sources – including allegations there were actually three government parties during Christmas last year – and so much footage shared online, it’s easy to get confused about what’s actually out there. Allow us to show you…

The Allegra Stratton video

It all started with whispers that the government broke their own lockdown rules last Christmas by hosting a party at Downing Street. The Mirror reported that Boris Johnson gave a speech at a ‘packed leaving do’ for a top aide during the November lockdown, and then while London was in tier three restrictions over Christmas, members of his team had a ‘festive bash’ in Downing Street. Initially, Boris Johnson did not deny reports of a Christmas party, only stating that ‘all guidelines were followed’ when pressed by ministers.

But after ITV released footage that showed press secretary Allegra Stratton making seemingly sarcastic comments about it, Downing Street said ‘There was no Christmas party. Covid rules have been followed at all times.’

ITV reports that there were 40-50 people in attendance, although the prime minister is not thought to be one of them. In the video, Allegra Stratton can be seen prepping for a press conference. Downing Street staff are asking her mock questions, and then aiding her replies.

Below, you can see Ed Oldfield, adviser to the prime minister, asking her about the alleged party, after which she appears to joke about the ‘fictional party’ being a ‘business meeting’, with just ‘cheese and wine’ before laughing that ‘it was not socially distanced.’

Allegra Stratton has now told broadcasters outside her house that she has resigned as an adviser to Boris Johnson.

The Jacob Rees-Mogg video

Since Allegra’s video went viral, another has emerged of Jacob Rees-Mogg also joking about the alleged party. Speaking at this year’s Christmas party for the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Commons leader says ‘I see we're all here obeying regulations, aren't we? I mean, this party is not going to be investigated by the police in a year's time.

‘You are all very carefully socially distanced... we have moved, I am pleased to tell you, from the metric back to the Imperial system: I notice you are all at least two inches away from each other which is, as I understand it, what the regulations required.’

The Dominic Cummings allegations

Now, Dominic Cummings is suggesting there was more than one party at Downing Street last Christmas. ‘Will the [cabinet secretary] also be asked to investigate the flat party on Fri 13 Nov, the other flat parties, and the flat's 'bubble' policy?’ he tweeted this afternoon.

Allegations of ‘other parties’ have also been made by SNP’s Ian Blackford, who said that ‘authoritative reports’ suggest three parties took place in Downing Street last December.

‘People throughout these islands have been watching this debate today, people feel revulsion at the stories that have emerged, in particular the video last night,’ he said after Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs) today. ‘What is worse Prime Minister, what is worse Mr Speaker, is that there are now authoritative reports of not just one, not just two, but three different Downing Street parties during lockdown last Christmas, including one in the Prime Minister’s flat?’

Boris Johnson did not have the opportunity to respond to the allegation as PMQs had already finished, but he did deny that there was a Christmas party earlier in the debate.

‘I was also furious to see that clip [of Allegra],’ he said. ‘I apologise unreservedly for the offence that it has caused up and down the country and I apologise for the impression that it gives. But I repeat that I have been repeatedly assured since these allegations emerged that there was no party and that no Covid rules were broken, and that is what I have been repeatedly assured.’

What else has been leaked about the Downing Street Christmas party?

Of course, there are now reports coming from every angle that suggest otherwise. Earlier today, BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg tweeted that an attendee of the party told her both political and civil service staff asked them to attend. It had previously been alleged that the party was only arranged by civil servants, not active politicians.

And Shebab Khan, political reporter for ITV News, says number 10 have declined to comment on whether Simon Case, the cabinet secretary tasked with investigating party claims, was actually at the party himself. It. Just. Gets. Worse.

How are people reacting to the Downing Street Christmas party video?

Now, many are sharing the haunting moments they had to sacrifice last year to protect loved ones and follow lockdown rules – all while the government was allegedly partying.

Of course, they’re also responding with Downing Street Christmas Party memes and jokes too...

And because this country is incapable of seeing scandal without making light of it, the Downing Street Christmas party memes have come in thick and fast…

Click through for all the lies Boris Johnson has told as a public figure (that we know of)...


All The Lies Boris Johnson Has Told As A Public Figure (That We Know Of)

Boris Johnson lies
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Here's a new absolutely brazen lie captured on camera. Boris was confronted by a distraught father whose daughter almost died on an understaffed NHS ward. 'This ward is not safe for children,' Omar Salem told the Prime Minister as he walked past him in the hospital, 'There was one registrar covering the entirety of this ward and the neonatal unit. The NHS has been destroyed, it's been destroyed, it's been destroyed, and now you come here for a press opportunity!''Actually there's no press here,' Boris replied – as he was filmed by the group of press in the hospital. When pressed on whether it was a press opportunity, he said 'as far as I'm aware this is not a [inaudible].''This is a press opportunity. You didn't invite the press here? You didn't ask them to come? You don't have a press handler back here?' the father asked before Boris was ushered away as Omar accused him of living in 'La La Land.'With the Press Association sharing images of the event, and the BBC a video, it's fair to assume the hospital visit did include press. In fact, earlier in the visit Boris appeared to pose for pictures pouring tea with NHS staff.

Boris Johnson lies
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Also his go-to line to the public, Boris has stated the proroguing parliament will allow for a new set of legislation when parliament returns on the 14th October. However, given the UK is set to leave the EU on the 31st October, many – his peers included – believe he suspended parliament to prevent scrutiny from MPs about whatever deal – or no deal - he delivers.Given it's ultimately the Queen's decision to suspend parliament – on advice from the PM – Boris has been accused of lying to her about his real motives. In fact, it has even been put to the Supreme Court to decide. Boris, of course, denies lying to her.

Boris Johnson lies
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Where to even begin? In his 2008 manifesto, Boris promised manned ticket stations at every train station in London. Subsequently, he instead went for widespread closures that would fund a 24-hour tube. According to MP Wes Streeting, Boris spent £46million of taxpayer money in efforts to build the Garden Bridge that never was, £60m on construction, and £500,000 on running costs of an Emirates Airline – the most expensive cable car ever built – which only has four daily users. He called for a Boris Island Airport that would have cost £100billion even after the Airports Commission rejected the plans. He also 'campaigned against Londoners paying "the highest fares in Europe" and yet oversaw an increase of fares by an average of 4.2 per cent,' Wes tweeted, '[and] pledged not to allow the congestion charge to go above £8... It rose to £11.50 on his watch.'More terrifyingly, he promised to put an end to rough sleeping in London by 2012 – yet it doubled during his tenure as leader. He said police in London would increase in numbers despite government cuts – this was accused of being 'barefaced lies'. Plus, he claimed during the 2012 election that robberies were down 16.3% under his mayoralty - but independent analysis showed they actually rose by 18.8%. 'Crime started rising nationally in 2014 and continued to rise during his time in office,' Wes claimed, 'including an increase in homicides.'When the 2011 riots took place, he took ownership of getting London 'through the riots' despite being on holiday when it began and only coming home after public backlash.

Boris Johnson lies
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Backing the infamously untrue claim on the side of the Vote Leave bus, Boris repeated this sentiment even after the UK Statistics Authority called is 'misleading'. Stating it in a published article in the Telegraph, he said: 'once we have settled our accounts, we will take back control of roughly 350m per week. It would be a fine thing as many of us have pointed out if a lot of that money went on the NHS, provided we use that cash injection to modernise and make the most of new technology.'The problem here, as we've heard a thousand times, is that there is no evidence whatsoever that Brexit will make us better off to the tune of 350 million quid. Indeed, Sir David Norgrove, the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, has criticized Johnson for reigniting debate about this spurious claim. In a letter to the Foreign Secretary, he has said 'I am surprised and disappointed that you have chosen to repeat the figure of £350m per week in connection with the amount that might be available for extra public spending when we leave the European Union.' As such, he faced private prosecution charges for deliberately lying during the campaign. Later, it was struck out by the High Court.He denies everything, with his lawyer saying: 'I should make it clear that because of the interest in this case that it is absolutely denied by Mr Johnson that he acted in an improper or dishonest manner at any time.'

Boris Johnson lies
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In his Telegraph article for which he also reiterated the £350m figure, Boris wrote, 'I look at so many young people with the 12 stars lipsticked to their faces, and I am troubled with the thought that people are beginning to have genuinely split allegiances. And when people say that they feel they have more in common with others in Europe than with people who voted leave I want to say, but that is part of the reason why people voted leave.'Did Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, just imply that it was unpatriotic for young people to be pro-European Union? Did he just suggest that by being so they are, somehow, not loyal to their country? Does the Foreign Secretary sound ever so slightly nationalistic here?Let's be clear, last year's referendum result was far from definitive. Indeed, the result was nearly a 50:50 split. The Foreign Secretary may have allied himself with those who wanted to leave the EU, either as a result of his genuinely Eurosceptic ideology or because it seemed politically prudent to do so for his own career, but that does not discount the fact that the vote was split 51.9% to 48.1%, meaning that over 16 million people disagree with his definition of patriotism.Johnson added that he feels a 'transnational sense of allegiance can weaken the ties between us'. In a global world where we rely on having relationships with people in other countries for work as well as to deepen our understanding of the lives of others, his rhetoric is dangerously isolationist.

Boris Johnson lies
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In another of his many egregious falsehoods in THAT fateful Telegraph article, Boris went on to state the following: 'And I can think of obvious ways in which Brexit can help us tackle the housing crisis – perhaps the single biggest challenge for the younger generation. There may be ways of simplifying planning procedures, post-Brexit, and abbreviating impact assessments – without in any way compromising the environment. It is often pointed out that the price of housing in certain parts of London may be increased by buyers from overseas. But there is no point in putting any kind of tax on foreign buyers because the inhabitants of 27 other countries cannot legally be treated as foreign. No one would want a tax that discouraged international investment and stopped good developments from happening. No one would want to send a signal that the London market was closed.'Remember when Jeremy Corbyn and his team not only said they would scrap tuition fees but implied they'd look at current graduate debts retrospectively in order to win over the youth vote during election time? That was calculated, this is cynical.Brexit cannot solve the housing crisis. We do need to relax our planning laws, that's true, but this has nothing to do with the EU and we are already building micro-homes in an attempt to solve the crisis. Do we want laws relaxed to the point where people are living in actual shoe boxes? No. British homes are already the smallest in Europe.Johnson also implies the EU investors have driven prices up, that's not strictly true. So-called 'foreign investors' from all over the world have been involved with buying up property and renting it out at a premium or leaving it empty across the country. Such speculation has exacerbated the crisis but it didn't cause it. We need laws which state that local homes should be offered to local people first, did the Foreign Secretary do anything about this as Mayor of London? No. Did the EU advise Southwark council to knock down the Heygate estate in South London, uproot its residents and build totally unaffordable housing in its place? No.We do not need Brexit to solve the housing crisis, we need more government investment and house building, not sticking plaster schemes like Help to Buy. We need councils to meet their building targets. We need regulation of the rental market. As Mayor of London Johnson oversaw the London Property market reach its apex, he watched the housing crisis bubble up to boiling point and did nothing. Foreign investors have played a role in our housing problems but compared with the selling off of public housing assets, inaction of British politicians and vested interested of the Buy to Let landlords in Westminster they're a mere itch.

Boris Johnson
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In 2004, 15 years after multiple newspapers wrongfully accused Liverpool fans of causing the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, Boris wrote an article for The Spectator making the same accusation. At this point, he was editor of the magazine and a tory MP for Henley. More than just accusing scouse fans of killing 96 people, he also contributed to the 'whingeing scousers' stigma by accusing Liverpool people of wallowing in their victim status. You know, because they were fighting to prove a police cover-up that would take near 30 years to prove true. Eight years later, he apologised, saying 'anyone, journalist or politician, should say sorry to the people of Liverpool – as I do – for misrepresenting what happened at Hillsborough.'

Boris Johnson lies
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Within months of being hired by The Times through family connections, Boris was sacked after he made up a quote in his first front page story. The story was about the discovery of the Rose Palace which was built by Edward II – whom was famously rumoured to be sexually involved with Piers Gaveston. 'The trouble was that somewhere in my copy I managed to attribute to Colin the view that Edward II and Piers Gaveston would have been cavorting together in the Rose Palace,' he said. 'Unfortunately, some linkside don at a provincial university spotted that by the time the Rose Palace was built, Piers Gaveston would long have been murdered. It was very nasty.'Boris then went on to fabricate another story about the issue, questioning the date the castle was built, after which he was sacked.

Boris Johnson lies
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Having been made party vice-chairman and shadow arts minister for the Conservatives back in 2003, he assured Tory leader Michael Howard that tabloid rumours about his affair with Petronella Wyatt were not true. After calling the story an 'inverted pyramid of piffle', the affair was proven true. Of course, he refused to resign despite lying. As a result, he was sacked for dishonesty for the second time in his career.

Boris Johnson lies
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After being fired from the Times, he became Brussels correspondent for The Daily Telegraph where he went on to write many articles dubbed 'Euromyths'. They were part of a larger series of Eurosceptic articles from various papers that implied Europe was threatening the British way of life. His claims included plans to change British sausages, bananas and ban prawn cocktail crisps – as well as introduce same size 'euro coffins'. All of them were dubbed false. Although, that hasn't stopped Boris believing them – because he brought out the same notion on his 2016 Vote Leave tour when he suggested the EU was changing the shape of bananas yet again, something debunked since 1994.

Boris Johnson lies
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Yes, really. He's denied saying it – of course, but on the record is a letter he signed stating 'the only way to avoid having common borders with Turkey is to vote Leave and take back control.''Turkey (population 76 million) is joining the EU' a Vote Leave campaign poster also read, adding 'David Cameron wants Turkey to join the EU. How will our NHS cope?'His Turkish cousin went on to say of him: 'he doesn't strike me as being very honest about his views.'

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