These Childhood Toys We All Owned Are Now Worth Thousands

Who knew that clearing out our childhood bedrooms in lockdown could be so lucrative?

Barbie dolls

by Georgia Aspinall |
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We’ve all been prone to a bit of nostalgia in lockdown. Whether it’s playing your favourite video games or binge-watching the teen dramas you couldn’t get enough of, regressing into childhood is the theme of 2020. But guess what, that little voyage might actually be worth a lot more than you think.

New research from OnBuy’s toy department has found the most valuable toys you can sell today, and you most likely own them. According to their experts, comic books and trading cards are the most valuable childhood items you can sell today – with the highest monthly searches for those products too. In fact, the most valuable comic book told for £2.4million.

But, never fear, it’s not just superhero’s and Pokémon cards, your barbies, beanie babies and board games can be worth a ton too. Every month, 675,000 people search for barbie dolls – from original releases to limited edition picks – with the highest selling doll going for £231,000. Yes, really.

Even your ratty old Disney VHS tapes could go for thousands now, with one sold for £11,000 on eBay. Now, bear in mind this was the Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond cassette – which are part of a collection released by Disney between 1984 and 1993 featuring a black diamond logo with ‘The Classics’ written on it – so it was incredibly rare. But still, with all this extra time on our hands in lockdown, and a strong desire to relive our glory years, rooting out that old Cinderella VHS might be worth more time than you think then.

Disney VHS tapes

Beanie Babies can also go for thousands – with one bundle sold for £458,000 that featured a large Wallace, two regular-sized Wallace’s, Cashey and Huggy. But according to OnBuy, other valuable Beanie Babies include Rainbow, Valentino, Princess the Bear, Bubbles and Piccadilly Attic.

So, whether you just fancy playing with your old toys or you’re up for making some extra lockdown cash, fishing out your old toys has never been more fun.

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14 Things We Still Want From The 1999 Argos Catalogue

easy bake oven argos1 of 14

1. Easy Bake Oven

What says a young girl con­strained by the gen­der­ing of their sex more than a des­per­ate de­sire to be the sole pro­pri­etor of a kitchen tool?

discman argos2 of 14

2. Discman

SO high-tech for 1999.

the way things worked argos3 of 14

3. The Way Things Worked

You knew you were a cool kid when you had this se­ries be­fore the school li­brary did.

pocahontus costume argos4 of 14

4. Pocahontas Costume

In the woke light of today, it's a no.

frosty ice cream argos5 of 14

5. Mr Frosty Ice Cream Factory

Never trust a child that makes their own ice.

Baby born argos6 of 14

6. Baby Born

On re­flec­tion, what was pos­si­bly fun about hav­ing a doll that con­stantly needed feed­ing and then weed every­where?

CD Stereo Argos7 of 14

7. CD Stereo

On re­flec­tion, it makes sense why our par­ents would­n't buy us a portable ra­dio, be­cause re­ally what self-re­spect­ing adult can lis­ten to B*Witched blar­ing at top vol­ume all hours of the day?

themed bedsheets argos8 of 14

8. Themed Bedsheets

Mak­ing sleep­overs bet­ter since 1999.

polly pocket argos9 of 14

9. Polly Pocket Mansion

Fact: Polly Pocket had a nicer house than any­thing avail­able on Help To Buy.

gameboy argos10 of 14

10. GameBoy

More ad­vanced than an elec­tronic Dis­ney game, less hard­core than a PlaySta­tion. Oth­er­wise known as the dream.

cosmetics argos11 of 14

11. Cosmetics Collection

It's su­per creepy for a child to have a big­ger make-up col­lec­tion than me, a 28-year-old beauty ed­i­tor.

play till argos12 of 14

12. Play Till

Who else learnt ba­sic arith­metic on one of these fake tills?

spinning sindy argos13 of 14

13. Spinning Sindy

Se­ri­ously, what was more fun than a doll that could also be used as a weapon?

Educational Electronics argos14 of 14

14. Educational Electronics

When we were young enough to be fooled into think­ing that learn­ing could be fun as long as it came with an elec­tronic ac­ces­sory.

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