The Internet Has A Lot Of Questions About New Booze Brand ‘Mom Water’ Like, ‘Why Is There A Drink Called Karen?’

The alcoholic drinks range have 'mom names' like Karen, Becky, Linda and Julie.

Mom wine

by Rhiannon Evans |
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Sometimes the phrase 'let's start at the beginning' is harder than it seems. But, when it comes to Mom Water, let's give it a go...

Yesterday, writer Bryan Roth tweeted about the fact that there seems to exist in the world a soon-to-be-launched alcohol drink called Mom Water.

But not only is it called 'mom juice' (bringing to mind a whole library of memes about why 'mums love gin' and all the worrying connotations of that), the drinks are given sassy names - Karen, Becky, Linda and Julie.

In what seems to be achingly targeted but misguided marketing, the drinks have 'personalities' that have answered a quiz. It's like a Just 17 'Which one are you?' quiz, but... depressing?

Karen's 'Favourite Wine = Tequila!' Becky's favourite TV show is This Is Us. The last thing Linda said to the kids was 'You should ask your father'. Where can Julie be found at parties? 'Starts on the couch, ends up on the dance floor.'

So me. Amirite?

The 'moms' though, weren't too keen.

Many people were also concerned about the use of 'Karen' a very divisive termwhich, actually, whichever side of the fence you're on, you're going to be mad at the idea it's been slapped on a drink in 2020 to try and build some buzz (media buzz, that is. Not booze buzz. Though that too).

Huffington Post Canada attempted to verifythe question on everyone's lips... is this... is this real?

The report claims the company has lasted a year and that the drinks will be available in Indiana by the end of 2020.

The Instagram account for the brand has been active for 37 weeks (and loves to post about 'the moms' and their viiiiibes). HuffPost Canada received no response from a company that looks to the packager of the products.

So, do we need more booze in 2020? Maybe. Do we need branding designed to divide women into 'moms' and 'non-moms'? No, probably not. Do we need more commercialisation of the idea that those who are moms need MUMMY JUICE instead of better structural and cultural help to ensure they're not at burning point? Probably no...

We might pass. And you rarely hear us say that when it comes to 'mummy juice'.

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