Molly-Mae Might Flaunt Her Wealth On Instagram, But That Doesn’t Mean She Should Expect To Be Robbed

More than £800,000 worth of goods were stolen from their Manchester home, but few seem to have sympathy for the pair after they posted their expensive jewellery on Instagram.

Molly-Mae Hague

by Georgia Aspinall |

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have had £800,000 worth of good stolen from their Manchester home in a burglary that took place during their London trip last week. According to reports, the perpetrators are believed to be an ‘experienced gang’ due to the nature of the break-in. The Daily Mail reports that the burglars waited for Molly and Tommy to leave their home and then used special machinery to enter from the rear, also smashing their balcony windows.

‘They have stolen approximately 800k worth of belongings leaving them with nothing left other than what they had on them in their suitcases in London on the night of event,’ an insider told the paper.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed the incident but state that ‘enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made.’ A representative for Molly told reporters that she ‘is doing well considering the circumstances. It has been a very distressing time but she is trying to be as positive as possible'.

But it’s the reaction online that warrants further concern, with few seeming to express any empathy for the couple at all.

‘When you’re on Social media showing off all that grotesque bling, there are people out there who will try and get their hands on it,’ one person commented on the story. ‘I wish I had sympathy but I don’t,’ another added. ‘She flaunts her wealth and home all over her social media. What did she expect? It was only a matter of time.’

‘So shit for them but also when you post photos STOOD OUTSIDE OF WHERE YOU LIVE and you post the things you’ve bought quite a lot, it’s not very surprising,’ a third posted online.

Of course, they’re not wrong in pointing out that Molly flaunts her wealth online, the former Love Island star regularly posts pictures of her wrist decorated in Cartier, Rolex and Vintage Alhambra. In one post during the summer, fans worked out that she had over £70,000 worth of jewellery on one wrist alone, including an £37,400 Cartier bangle set, £29,350 Rolex and £3,850 Vintage Alhambra gold bracelet. On her other wrist rested £58,300 worth of jewellery, meaning she was wearing £128,000 worth of luxury items in one single picture.

As well as celebrating her success at the time, fan tweeted then about their concern for her sharing such ostentatious displays of wealth. ‘[I] love Molly-Mae but I would honestly be so terrified that some sort of Kim K kidnap and robbery would take place with that amount of jewellery on me,’ one person tweeted in August. ‘Mad!! I was thinking she needs to be careful flashing it around, look what happened to Kim,’ another agreed.

It is a startlingly similar narrative to Kim Kardashian’s 2016 robbery, which was found to have occurred when a French gang stalked Kim’s activities for months waiting for a moment to steal the reality stars $4million (£2.9million) diamond ring that she had posted on Instagram.

Kim has been open about her trauma following the robbery – during which she was tied up and held at gunpoint – stating she now has 24/7 security that costs her millions every year. ‘No expensive items ever come to my home. I have it all taken from security before I even enter my home. I can't sleep if I have jewellery in my safe, or money, or anything at my house,’ she told Andy Cohen earlier this year.

It’s no wonder many were hoping Molly would learn from Kim’s experience then, but that doesn’t mean she should be met with mockery or judgement for falling foul to the same crime. Yes, flaunting wealth on social media is a risk for anyone – but we can offer advice and condolences at the same time. Otherwise, we’re simply victim-blaming someone for being subject to a crime no one deserves.

Molly deserves to celebrate her success – however she values it - without fear of someone stealing from her. Much of her brand is built on aspirational living, and it’s why so many consider her to be the most successful person to come out of Love Island – to turn that narrative around when she’s victim of a crime, implying she deserves to be robbed for doing the very thing many follow and celebrate her for is hypocrisy at its finest.

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