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The Handmaid’s Tale viewers rejoice, another Margaret Atwood book adaption is coming your way. The MaddAddam trilogy is a best-selling series of books set in a post-apocalyptic world, where a group of survivors must build a new world after a global epidemic kills the majority of the human race.

The rights to the books have been bought by Paramount Television and Anonymous Content, who are responsible for producing the hit dramas such as 13 Reasons Why, True Detective and Mr. Robot. They have a number of highly anticipated projects in production, including another infamous book adaption, Catch-22.

With such a successful company behind MaddAddam, and such an acclaimed writer behind the books themselves, we’re expecting great things. Much like The Handmaid’s Tale, which we have season two first looks for here, the new series is set to comment on the eerie reality of our current climate. Amy Powell, president of Paramount TV said:

‘Margaret Atwood’s unique and singular literary voice speaks to the greater issues facing our current climate and resonates with fans worldwide; the MaddAddam Trilogy is no exception,

‘These stories are perfectly suited for portrayal on television and we are thrilled to once again bring a literary masterpiece to life with our partners at Anonymous Content, Angus Wall, and Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment.’

Atwood is also thrilled with the vision of the series, which is always a concern when a much-loved book is turned adapted into film or TV. She said:

‘I am very happy with the vision described to me by Angus, Kent, David, Bard, and Amy, as well as the stunning visual presentation they put together. I very much look forward to working with them.’

What Is Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam About?

The trilogy is comprised of three books, Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam. In the first novel, the main character finds himself alone in a post-apocalyptic world where he may be the last surviving human. It reveals how the once beautiful city he resided in was overtaken by corporations hell-bent on an uncontrollable path of genetic engineering.

The second novel, The Year of the Flood, explores how a waterless flood alters Earth and obliterates the majority of human life. In the final book, MaddAddam, a group of survivors come together with a group of gentle, biologically engineered quasi-humans who are set to inherit the new earth.

The dark series is set in the future, where plagues, floods and genetic engineering have wrought havoc on the world we know. It is a commentary on humanity, community and love, and bears a scarily plausible resemblance to the future our planet could take.

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